Anyone who has attempted to learn a foreign language will quickly tell you how difficult such a task can be. For Westerners the languages that stand out as the most difficult to learn tend to be Asian ones. The Chinese themselves are just as proud of the difficulty of their language as Americans are of their right to free speech.

There are two reasons in particularly that make the Chinese language so difficult for foreigners to learn. First, it uses a 'logographic' system. This means that instead of using letters as we do to make up words, Chinese symbols themselves represent words. Second, there are distinct phonological differences between the two languages. In English we use different vocal pitches to express emotion or to emphasize certain points that we are making. In Chinese the 'tone' of the speaker's voice distinguishes the word's meaning. The best reason to study to Chinese in China is to take advantage of the cultural immersion method. It is the best way to learn Chinese, or any language for that matter.

If you have already made the momentous decision to study Chinese in China you may be asking what is the next step I should take? Given the large number of language schools and universities it is little wonder that ‘would be’ students find themselves overwhelmed. The whole process of China study abroad is made easier by resource websites such as This website gives the names of some universities in both Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing's Tsinghua University has a very impressive reputation, and is widely regarded as China's MIT. Shanghai's Jiao Tong University is just as popular among foreign students who want to study Chinese in China. It has a strong reputation because of the links it has built with universities and colleges around the world.

For many foreign students who have decided to study China abroad a major reason is the chance to get a close look at the historical sites and attractions, and to learn about the nation's long history and rich culture. Major attractions such as The Great Wall of China, and The Ming Tombs (which represent the final resting place of 13 of the 16 Ming Emperors) are well documented and known.

Lesser known sights are well worth a visit too. The seated Tian Tan Buddha weighs an astounding 202 tonnes. And Ocean Park in Hong Kong is one of the best amusement parks in the world. Many people visit each year just to see the four giant pandas who live there.

There are a lot of reasons to study Chinese in China. Naturally many Westerners feel hesitant about visiting a country that is so different to their own. If this is the case for you then it is a good idea to visit This website is full of resources and links that help make everything much clearer by answering a wide variety of questions you may have. College students would be interested to know that they are able to claim college credits depending upon which course they choose to study.

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