There have never been long-term or short term studies on any of the KET OS products. Hence, it is certain that they are entirely safe based on the ketogenic diet and KETO OS’s other ingredients.
From a biochemical point of view, the KETO OS products seem to be completely safe as well. With the recommended dosages, even the liver and the kidney which processes and filters the supplement’s ingredients are highly unlikely to experience any issues. KETO OS provides the body with readymade ketones that take away some workload.
With the above information, is it advisable to take KETO OS? Let’s dig in.
Should you take KETO OS?
Considering everything we have explored in this article, Keto Up seems to be as powerful as Pruvit makes it seem to be. However, it does come with some benefits for the ketogenic dieter and non-ketogenic dieters. The study carried on rats shows that the ketogenic diet provides us with more benefits than just supplementing with exogenous ketones like KETOOS. The reason is because the ketogenic diet forces the body to adapt in ways that exogenous ketones don’t.
To get the most out of KETO OS, pruvit suggests that you follow a low-carbohydrate diet and I agree with that recommendation. But the uncertain question is, when exactly should you supplement with it? Should you take it before you start the ketogenic diet, during the first week or after you are keto-adapted?
The studies on rats show that Keto OS NAT OS NAT supplementation may help with adapting to the ketogenic diet. However, one research on humans shows that exogenous ketones may decrease ketone production in the liver. The only certain thing we know is that the only cheapest and safest way to get into long-term ketosis is the ketogenic diet. It is also safe to supplement with KETO OS, but the effect on an individual is completely uncertain.
The Difference Between KETO OS Products
There are three types of KETO OS products. These are KETO OS 2.1, KETO OS 3.0 and KETO OS MAX. They all have one common thing; that is, they contain BHB ketone salts. BHB stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate the ketone that provides us with the most energy. These salts include minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium, with a ketone body that is easily absorbed by the body.
There are a couple of differences between these three types of products. Keto Os 2.1 is the KETO OS product that contains MCT’s (medium change triglycerides). MCT's are quickly absorbed in the small intestines, and they go straight to the liver where they convert into ketones. However, KETO OS does not have MCT's, but it does have butyric acid and pre-biotic fiber and amino acids. Amino acids provide us with numerous benefits and butyric acid, and pre-biotic fiber are great digestive aids.
The KETO OS product primary purpose is to provide you with the most quickly and easily absorbable form of BHB on the market that is not found on any other products.
You can get a ketone boost from supplementing the MCT oil by itself. The BHB and MCT supplement has a high price tag and may not be affordable to many. But MCT oil is relatively cheap by itself.

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