Many people come to me and complain that life is too complicated. That they never feel like anything is going right. That as hard as they try to fix a situation it remains unresolved.  Blah, Blah, Blah, … you get the picture as we all have felt this way a time or two – some more frequent than others.

I can understand, appreciate, and even empathize where their frustration and disappointment is coming from; yet, my answer, no matter the excuse, seems to be – “Get out of your own way.”

Our human conditioning tells us that we need to do this, this, and this in order to get a particular result. It also tells us that we need this, this, and this in order to sustain a job, a house, a car, support a family, etc.

You’ve probably never really noticed the dictatorship of the democracy that we live in because it’s so ingrained into our society. For example, as a child, many of us were told you need to go to school, get good grades, go to college, get better grades, get a degree, get a high paying job, buy nice things, etc. Yet, I can tell you many success stories where people went against this dictatorship mentality and have become some of the wealthiest people in the world.

So what’s the truth?

Well, honestly, the truth varies from person to person, experience to experience; however, there are a few core factors that remain the same.

The Universe is an ever flowing constantly expanding energy stream – the river of creation (or as I call it the Lifestream of Consciousness the Bloodforce of God).

Within this lifestream is never ending possibilities and constant creation opportunities. It’s like the chocolate river in Wonka’s factory – a constant source for inspiration, intention, and creation.
Sounds good doesn’t it?

What happens as physical beings is that we have become wrapped up in our own side quests – so to speak. You know the things society tells us we need to live a successful, happy, healthy life. It creates the Go, Go, Go mentality and there is never time to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you or more importantly the beauty that IS YOU.

As we strive to create the perfect life we often feel as though we are missing something of value. Here is why … Societies idealistic image of a perfect life isn’t necessarily a life worth living but a life trying to make a living. So, this leaves us with the sense of feeling incomplete because to our spirit our life hasn’t taken on any real value because we haven’t seen our worth yet.

It is through our deepest and “darkest” moments of life that the greatest blessings and treasures emerge – if we choose to be aware of them.  We also when looking back at the scenario or experience need to remember the blessing that happened because of the experience – everything happens for a reason.

It is not for a rational mind to question the vastness and depths of the Universe because in the third dimension of reality we simply cannot fathom the reasoning but they do eventually unfold to our AH-HA MOMENT.

Far to many people, choose to see complication rather than opportunity. For example, in your car ride on the way to work you hit traffic – use this time to relax, unwind, enjoy your cup of coffee, and be at peace with the Universe. After all, it was the universe the created the traffic jam – yes? So, while it may be easier to get frustrated, angry, and downright miserable it is also easy to shift your perception of the reality which will ultimately shift the course of the day.

Within parenting it is easier just to do it for your child; many parents do this instead of allowing your child to find their own answer. In a lot of ways, this is blocking them from their divine connection to Universal Source…it’s what blocked you.
We are far too busy being in a rush to nowhere – we plan out the day like a mission.

Wake up
Brew Coffee or Tea
Set out clothes
Get Dressed
Drink Coffee or Tea
Eat Breakfast
Brush Teeth, Comb Hair
Go to work
Run Errands
Come Home
Make dinner
Eat Dinner
Do Dishes
Help Children with Homework
Tuck kids in bed
Watch TV

Of course, there are things that get added into this mixture of chaos that cause even more stress and anxiety. Then we start saying things like “There is only one of me.” Or “There are only so many hours in a day.”

This becomes the robotic nature of our human experience because we allow it to be this way. We have been conditioned to be, think, and act this way.

If something gets thrown in the mix – What happens?

Anxiety, pressure, stress – you begin to feel that lack of control – when in truth you didn’t have control in the first place.

We have a difficult time surrendering to the UNKNOWN – it’s a variable that many choose not to take a gamble on. However, if I were to tell you that if you were to embrace that which is UNKNOWN you would reap high paying rewards (not necessarily monetary in nature) – would you take the gamble? Probably not, right because you don’t have that guarantee; however, there are no guarantee’s in life you hear that over and over again.

I disagree … I guarantee that if you do not participate and put yourself out there you will never experience that which you want to create. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey – do you not think they stepped into the UNKNOWN … took a chance at life?


Can you imagine if J.K Rowling didn’t take a chance at authoring a book – the world would be without Harry Potter which has become ingrained into our history as it affected men, women, and children alike – it is a phenomenon! It also allowed up and coming actors and actresses to star in a leading role in a blockbuster movie
How many of you don’t do the things you enjoy because you don’t think you can afford it?

Have you ever spent money that you felt you didn’t have and more money came in? What we give to another we give to our self – so why not be generous??!!
If we do not participate in the exchange of energy (money, emotions, etc.) we cannot receive them back.

Life becomes complicated when we go against the flow — the grain of creation.

Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a currently pursuing his Doctorate in Metaphysics and has always been in service helping others heal beyond grief or transform their life in other ways. He has overcome a life fraught with experiences deemed negative; physical, emotional, sexual abuse, homelessness, etc. He has been a featured Keynote and many Mind, Body, Spirit themed expos. He has appeared on numerous radio, TV and print media outlets.