Natural gas is the fuel gas that is obtained from nature. Whereas, LPG is the short form of Liquified Petroleum Gas. Both fuels are much important for our existence. But not both are the same.


LPG, or in other way known as Liquified Petroleum Gas. In general, you will find it in big, danger-marked, red, or somewhere in the green-colored container. The thought behind LPG is very much commercial. The idea has come from a very distinctive intension. People are very much dependent on natural gas. But where there is no source of natural gas, what should people do?

And the solution was very much simple, making a fuel worth of natural gas. The energy of natural gas is always unique. But to cope with the situation where the natural gas is absent and the need for fuel is present, men had to make something like that. And it was, LPG, Liquified Petroleum Gas.

As the sources are not infinite, and men had to think over the alternative solution, wasn’t LPG quite the advanced one? Is LPG the same as Natural Gas? The answer will be clearer when we will discuss the dissimilarities.

Differences Between LPG and Natural Gas

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Now, the dissimilarities between LPG and Natural gas are given below.

  • Chemical Structure
    The first dissimilarity between LPG and Natural gas is their chemical structure. As you know that when the two compounds have different chemical structures, in most cases, they do show both different characteristics. And the differences will show in both physical and chemical characteristics. LPG has the chemical structure of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). Propane and Butane are the two hydrocarbons of series-3 and series-4. On the other hand, Natural gas has the chemical composure of methane (CH4). As it is shown that the chemical structure of two gases is different, the fact is also scientifically proven that the compounds are different in chemical nature too.
  • Physical Resources
    The next thing about the LPG and Natural gas is their differences in physical nature. As LPG is structured differently chemically, but an interesting fact, LPG is a byproduct of natural gas. When the natural gas is processed through the mine, along with the crude oil and petroleum, LPG is also extracted. Natural gas is produced by the fermentation of animal and plants’ remains.
  • Characteristics
    Another dissimilarity between LPG and Natural gas is the differences in their characteristics. There are some characteristics of their own like boiling temperature, flame temperature, the volume of the gas per unit kilogram, specific density, and specific gravity. These characteristics are depended on the chemical structure. And if you compare these characteristics, you will pretty much be ensured about the fact that LPG is not Natural gas, rather it is a byproduct of it.

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