Users normally install and download apps from the native app store of their devices. But sometimes, users tend to download apps from unauthorized sources in the form of apk files or installing unofficial app stores. This is generally believed to be unethical by official app stores as it may contain malware and compromise the safety of the device.

Panda Helper is one such third-party app store that has a huge collection of apps. It offers paid apps, hacked games, and tweaked apps absolutely for no cost.

Panda Helper

The internet sources believe that Panda helper is a reliable app store that has a huge collection of apps and other modifications that are not present on the official app. The fact states that the apps are protected by SSL encryption and so it is safe to download from this store.
The resource consumption for both android and iOS devices is too low and so discreet installation and downloading is possible. This app store stands out as it has a huge database for selection and it is completely free.

Advantages over other app stores

Panda Helper poses the following advantages over other app stores:

1. This app store is supported by almost all iOS and Android devices
2. There are a huge number of additional apps such as video players, emulators, and many other exclusive to the app store
3. The usage experience of the users is highly improved with modifications available to the favorite apps
4. Numerous third-party entertainment apps including music players, games, etc are available
5. It is believed to be very safe as the developers take efforts for it

Features of Panda Helper

Panda helper developers strive to be at the top amongst the unofficial app store and so have outstanding features. The major features of Panda helper can be listed as follows:
● This app store is very simple to use as it has very well put up instruction on how to download and install the different apps
● The UI of Panda helper is very much similar to the iOS app store and so even the novice user is able to use the app efficiently
● The app store is compatible with all the updated operating systems in the latest devices
● A huge collection of apps are available including music, games, entertainment, news, etc for selection to the users
● A unique feature persists in the app store, that the individual apps are not required to be manually updated. They are directly updated by Panda Helper
● The collection of this app store is regularly updated with a new addition to the apps and the bug fixing system is also very high
● This app store works seamlessly on both Android and iOS

Safety at Panda Helper

Panda helper is believed to be safe to use and install as the apps are SSL encrypted. There are third-party apps involved for installation, so the safety does not arise much. But still, to be on the safer side, the developers recommend that the apps should be downloaded after scanning them through a trustworthy antivirus app. Also if any malware or malicious activity is found then it can be reported to the Panda Helper support and the same can be taken care of thoroughly.


The unofficial app is normally due to multiple reasons such as the use of a side loader, geographical limitations, and local restrictions. The official version developers normally frown for using such app stores as it may affect the devices on many grounds of security and malfunctioning. So it is the users discretion to choose the app store.

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