Pelvic inflammatory disease is harmful to the health of female friends, which is one of the gynecological inflammations with high incidence, affecting the fertility of women. When it becomes serious, it will lead to some other reproductive diseases and further cause female infertility.

Many women may have known the blocked fallopian tubes, which is a common factor that makes female friends unable to get conceived. So is pelvic inflammatory disease able to trigger blocked fallopian tubes?

Pelvic inflammatory disease in women can be caused by vulvitis, which is an upward infection, or by inflammation of neighboring organs or the spread of infection in other parts of the body. In the process of menstruation, abortion and childbirth, or through the genital tract with all kinds of surgical wounds, bacteria can often get into the pelvic cavity, thus resulting in varying degrees of inflammation.

The expert points out that pelvic inflammatory disease can be classified into two types, acute and chronic. The development of acute pelvic inflammatory disease may lead to diffuse peritonitis, sepsis, septic shock, and in severe cases, it will be life-threatening. If the patient fail to get cured thoroughly in the acute period, it will develop into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which is more hard to treat and can break out repeatedly.

Female patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases will experience chronic pelvic pain, painful sexual intercourse and other discomforts. The inflammation can affect the fallopian tubes and cause obstruction in oviduct area. Physiologically, when the fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg and the sperm cannot meet and combine with each other, and the patient will be at high risk of being infertile.

Expert says that pelvic inflammatory disease can affect a woman's fertility. Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease usually have salpingitis, making it easily cause adhesion in the fallopian tubes, and then leading to obstruction. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease can do a great harm to the uterus, cervix, ovary and other organs.

In many cases, inability to conceive will affect the sexual harmony of the couple, and cause huge mental pressure to women. When having pelvic inflammatory disease, the patient must receive treatment in time. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can do a great job on treating pelvic inflammatory disease with its incredible effect on eliminating bacteria and viruses. It’s safe and no side effect, and help female friends improve urological and reproductive system.

In daily life, female friends should also pay attention to personal hygiene and keep a healthy diet. If you have a requirement of having a baby, you should do a regular checkup to make sure that your fallopian tubes are in good condition. Always keep in mind, you should go to hospital in time if you feel something wrong with your pelvic cavity or you have abnormal menstrual period.

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