Women with fertility health problems go through a difficult phase. Scar tissues, swelling pain, linked to endometriosis, uterine fibroids and Asherman’s syndrome are uncomfortable symptoms associated with reproductive health issues. With such painful experience, women have sought various reprieves to ease their pain. However, the drugs and procedures offered as relief do not often offer the reprieve needed. While some of the drugs and procedures have side effects, others don not solve the root problem. The desperation results to looking for alternatives. One commonly known alternative is the natural remedy use of the enzyme therapy. On that line, various plethora enzymes are on the loop making it difficult to identify the best Serrapeptase the miracle enzyme therapy. The questions still stands, which is the best enzyme therapy for fertility health issues?
Systemic Enzyme Therapy
Systemic Enzyme Therapy consists of a blend of specific enzymes that research has proven to be beneficial to women with infertility. Systemic Enzyme Therapy is not popular among the people, but as interest on enzyme therapy grows, people begin to do research and hence stumble upon serrapeptase. This specific enzyme- serrapeptase has benefits that may offer a solution to women with reproductive health issues. Serrapeptase takes part in healing the ailing body from the inside out thus helping women with reproductive health issues feel better.
What is Serrapeptase and What Does it Do?
Also referred as serratiopeptidase, this is a proteolytic or protease enzyme. Serrapeptase was discovered in 1970s in the digestive track of Japanese silk worms produced by the non-pathogenic bacteria called Serrati asp. E-15. Currently, serrapeptase is largely produced through microbial fermentation in laboratory settings. The enzyme breaks up, digests and assist the body in removing unnecessary proteins (necrotic debris and fibrin) that deposit at the site of inflammation within the body. Proteolytic enzymes block the release of pain producing amines from inflamed tissues hence offering pain relief. According to research, serrapeptase can dissolve and digest non-living tissues- scars, fibrous cysts in the breast and uterus and blood clots.
Using serrapeptase for Female Fertility Issues
Extensive research about how you can Treat Fertility Issues Serrapeptase conducted has indicated that serrapeptase has the ability to reduce chronic inflammation and support a healthy immune response. Serrapeptase digests the fluid bubble (biofilm) around the inflamed tissues, thins the fluid within the biofilm and increases drainage of these fluids. Precisely, a study was conducted on 85.7% female participants in Singapore and Japan. The participants experiencing breast swelling, pain and firmness indicated moderate improvement after undergoing serrapeptase therapy unlike those receiving a placebo.
Systemic Enzyme Therapy with Serrapeptase
Yes! Serrapeptase the miracle enzyme have powerful impact on the body and also support the body of women suffering from reproductive health issues. This has been seconded by opinion pieces by medical doctors and natural healthcare providers, scientific journals and literature from enzyme manufacturers. Enzymes are often manufactured and sold in blends containing multiple enzymes and some contain vitamins and antioxidants. Nonetheless, we prefer to work with a group of enzymes that make up Systemic Enzymes Therapy, rather than serrapeptase alone…

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