Semen leakage after urination is one among the commonly found health disorders in men. Physical as well as psychological causes play equally important roles in the formation of this disorder. If left unconsidered, it may give rise to several health risks like loss of self esteem, mental and physical fatigue. Person suffering from this health disorder discharges semen after passing of urine with or without burning sensation. Thinning of urine stream, itching and pain in testicular area are some among the major impacts of semen leakage problem. Leading a healthy lifestyle with proper medication is the best technique suggested to prevent the hazards of semen leakage. Following are top listed herbal remedies prescribed for curing semen leakage after urination.

Withania somnifera, commonly known as ashwagandha is a common herbal remedy recommended to cure semen leakage after urination. This herbal medicine is well known for aphrodisiac, immuno-modulator, anti stress and anti depressant properties. Patients suffering from semen leakage after urination are advised to intake the root powder of mixture with honey or milk. It is found to be very beneficial for the treatment of reproductive disorders like spermatorrhea, low energy level, lack of desire and impotence. Curing panic disorders, acting as free radical scavenger, rejuvenating body cells and improving the vitality of person are other health benefits of including withania somnifera in diet.

Shilajit, enriched with vital nutrients and minerals is an active herbal remedy to cure semen leakage after urination. It has been used for centuries for improving the longevity of person. Shilajit is now commonly available in market in the form of capsules and as extracts. This herbal supplement used for curing reproductive disorders can be used along with any other drugs or medications. It is completely safe and induces zero side effects on user. Other advantages of using shilajit extracts include improving energy level, maintaining blood glucose level, strengthening the immune system of body, preventing nervous disorders and delaying aging effect. For preventing fatigue problems, patients suffering from semen leakage problems are advised to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in diet.

NF cure capsule is one among the best recommended herbal remedies to cure semen leakage after urination. It is a perfect cure for strengthening reproductive system and preventing urinary tract infections. For attaining fast relief, patients are advised to intake a combination of shilajit and NF cure capsule. Apart from consuming NF cure capsule, patients are also advised to avoid drinking and wearing tight clothes. This nutritive tonic improves the functioning of reproductive system and prevents the occurrence of other health risks like nightfall, general weakness and fatigue. Some of the active ingredients added for the preparation of NF cure capsule include mucuna pruriens, asphaltum punjabinum and asparagus adscendens. All the ingredients added for the preparation of NF cure capsule are found to be very beneficial for treating infertility problems.

You can safely intake this herbal supplement in combination with any other drug or medicines. Improving the strength of testicular muscles, calming down of nerve cells and alleviating nervous disorders are other health benefits of NF cure capsule.

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