Hey, I can understand just how tough it is to maintain a relationship. Personal problems can be so overwhelming that the relationship has to be sidelined for a bit. But what can you do when the relationship starts to break down when you find your girlfriend losing interest with you? The first thing you need to do is talk it out. To be honest, she may not even be aware of the situation. There's a good chance that the problem has been progressing slowly before you noticed it.

Ask her if she still wants to be in the relationship especially as the spark is no longer there. Sometimes, just pointing out the problem could wake the two of you up and make you strive harder to patch up the problems of the relationship. Second, if you noticed your girlfriend losing interest, you might want to think if you've done any wrongs lately. You might have neglected to fulfill some promises or maybe it's something as basic as not keeping yourself in top physical form.

If you've changed something recently then it might be the problem. Think of a strategy on how you can get your old self back. Maybe you should check yourself out for improvements - join the gym, get promoted or simply be a more sensitive man to her feelings. Grab the opportunity to develop your relationship into something better and more secure.

Third, have you noticed changes in your girlfriend recently? Is she starting to pursue different goals in life or has a new "friend" who happens to be a guy? If there's something new in her life then that might be the cause of distraction. Try talking to her about your concerns about the relationship if she has something new going on in her life. Let her know that her actions makes you think that she is starting to lose interest in the relationship.

In any case, it is important that you strive for a stronger relationship regardless of what makes your girlfriend lose interest. You could go somewhere together, relax and simply enjoy being with each other. If your girlfriend losing interest is starting to alarm you, you should realize that this doesn't mean the relationship is doomed. You simply need to take this as a sign that your relationship needs more time and attention to develop. With time and dedication from partners, you will find that a happy relationship is completely possible.

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