The life style of human beings of ancient was very different. They were totally different beings in all domains of life. if we compare today’s man with man of stone age, we would come across remarkable and different living styles. Those human beings were very natural. Their dress code, food, homes were very simple. Even they had limited pattern of thinking. Only food and shelter was their main concern. They were very close spirituality. They lived in a small groups or communities. Their social gatherings were very limited. Their thoughtful patterns were so uncontaminated and occupied with desire and feelings of caring and affection for each other fellows. They demonstrated a great example of agreement. But individual of current time is all in all dissimilar in many ways. At the present time people are more money-oriented or materialistic and avaricious of erudite belongings. The discoveries and findings of science have transported a tremendous modification in lives of people of modern era. We are strictly surrounded by inventions of science. We are completely at mercy of man-made stuffs.

Initiation of technology has brought a positive rebellion in the life and diminished the effort load of today’s generation. But temporarily, current tendencies of modern period have altered the styles of rational, transactions, performances, conducts and viewpoint as well. At this time people are more worried about their money-oriented wants and requests and are lacking religiousness and ethical standards. Coinage, luxury living, delightful meals, advanced lodging are main areas of present-day being. Where knowledge and expansion in the fields of manufacturing, health, traveling, and housing have produced clemency, at same time he is moving missing from his natural charm and duty allocated by Allah Almighty.This avaricious approach has asked several social immoralities and evil performs like dishonesty, corruption, fraud, cheating in order to accomplish wants of materialistic appetites. Everybody appears in race to conquest other in the rivalry of worldly needs and jewelries. Therefore, they are facing cerebral and mystical problems like frustration, nervousness, stress, and unhappiness. Islam also expresses about this method. Islam is not in contradiction of growth of materialism things and activities of physical requirements but it indorses that he must see his worldly basics primary.

After accomplishment of good and excellence lifestyle, one must pursue for spirituality and spiritual development in order to submit commands of the Creator. But subject is that we are favoring and occupied for our erudite needs and comfort. We are missing our ethical and moral standards prearranged by our Allah. Wisdoms of the Holy Qurans order Muslims that they must not feat the stuff and rights of others in order to meet their needs. We have abandoned natural and real passage of hard work and energies. We need to develop rich in immediate. We all are observing for short-cuts. Nearly all castigations of life like medical science, supremacy, economic actions, trade, commercial, we do not follow the worldwide standards of morals but we just satisfy our self by availing coinage through illegal and unprincipled resources.

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Ayaz Wagho is a competent and proficient author for Umrah UK regarding its December Umrah Pacakge who is well known for his outstanding skills in writing about the Hajj and Umrah, the rituals of Islam. He is providing his valuable services for the Muslims residing in the UK. But nowadays he is writing about deals regarding Umrah in December and helping his Muslim fellows in the accomplishment of supreme adoration and blessings of God.