Like most people you probably have some goals you want to achieve in life. If they are important and urgent you will also have a strong focus on them, and are hopefully doing what you have to do to realise them. The usual approach is to make a plan, identify all the actions you need to take, put these into some order, organise your resources, access whatever skills are required, and then apply it all. If you believe in the Law of Attraction you may also be doing some visualisations and affirmations.

That is great but there is another level that often gets overlooked. Everything is energy that is vibrating at different frequencies, which means that you are vibrating at a particular frequency, and so is your dream or goal. And the question is whether your frequency matches that of your goal, because if it doesn't then you may really struggle to achieve it

You do not attract what you want - you attract what you are.

This challenges you to look at yourself honestly and recognise the relationship that exists between you as a conscious individual and the goals you set. Your vibration is made up of so much more than just the energy of what you are visualising. It is the sum total of your thoughts and feelings about yourself, all your relationships, and life in general. If your goal represents something greater than what you have achieved so far, then it is vibrating at a higher frequency than what you have lived with so far.

You will need to lift your vibration to that of the goal, so another question is “Who must I become in order to achieve my goals?” If we want to achieve something greater we must become greater. Only you will know what resonates in your heart but I have discovered that the question will take you to the core of who you are and how you show up in this world. It could be any number of things such as becoming more committed, more forgiving, more skilled in certain ways, more tolerant of others, more inspired, more open to new ideas. From another perspective it may mean letting go of an old habit, or a limited attitude, or fixed ways of operating, or taking a risk. It will especially mean identifying and changing any limiting beliefs you carry about your ability to manifest what you desire.

The truth is that we will not achieve anything beyond our current status without expanding beyond it in our heart, our thinking, and our behaviour. It reminds me of Gandhi’s quote, “Become the change you wish to see in the world.” You need to become whatever change you wish to see in your world.

If you are ready for that then here is an exercise to try:

• Clearly identify how you want to feel by achieving
your goal.

• Close your eyes and visualise yourself achieving it.

• See it in plenty of detail, and see the sort of
person you need to be with that achievement.

• Now honestly ask if who you currently are will do

• Make a list of 5 necessary changes within your
thinking and your behaviour.

• Are you ready to make a firm commitment to those

• You will know by simply asking yourself if your
reason is big enough.

• Make a plan of action and stick to it.

• Continuously remind yourself ‘it is possible.’ If
others have done it so can you.

Each of those 5 changes will have two aspects to it, and as you fulfil each of these you will be raising your vibration to match that of your goal

1. There will be something you need to let go of or change,
such as a limiting belief or behaviour pattern.

2. There will be something new you will need to embrace and
commit to.

This is the real inner work that complements the other things you can engage in with the Law of Attraction. I hear people expressing frustration and scepticism about the Law of Attraction because they have tried it and got either mixed or no results at all. The law is the law and works every time, but have we done the work of truly raising our vibration and becoming the person the goal or dream demands of us. When we do that, along with all the practical things, then we have a real guarantee of success.

You do not add your goal to your life - you grow into your goal and it becomes your life.

Author's Bio: 

Clement McGrath brings 32 years of coaching and mentoring experience and a wealth of knowledge to his work. Clement has worked in a variety of roles that have all involved supporting people to reach their full potential and live the life of their dreams.

He has conducted his own private practice for 32 years, has facilitated youth work in a non-profit organisation, has been a contracted provider to a major government department, and director of Life Coach Associates since 2001.

After facilitating Life Coach Associates coach training program for 10 years, he recently stepped aside from that position to focus on creating a variety of programmes that are more accessible to a wider audience.

These include, “Relationship Rescue,” “How to Harness Your Yes Power,” “How to Increase Your Energy and Achieve More,” “Find Your voice: How to Communicate Confidently and Effectively,” and “Awakening to Infinity: A Course in Self Realisation.”

He is available for private consultations and public speaking, and can create customised programmes to address the specific needs of groups and organisations.

Clement is a qualified Breath Therapist, and has studied extensively in the areas of ‘Effective Communication,’ ‘Human Creativity,’ ‘Principles of Peak Performance and Success,’ and ‘Mythology and its Modern Applications.’

He has co-authored the book, “The Way to Freedom,” and is currently completing a book on relationships that he intends to have published in 2015.

Clement lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his partner Heather Fletcher.

Contacts for Clement are:

0064 3 355 2297
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