Although there are many times when I say that the most important principle regarding fat loss is to simply burn off more calories through exercising or physical activity than you are taking in the form of food, there is more to that than just looking at the quantity of calories. Not only do you have to look at the quantity of calories to lose weight, but also the quality of calories.

The reason for those of you who do not seem to lose weight even though you seemingly take in less calories than you burn off, is because the human body has developed over thousands of years to protect itself. Whenever the amount of calories consumed is limited, the body will protect itself and burn off the fats you consume with your food instead of burning your own body fats.

Nevertheless, you should still take healthy fats, as they are one of the most nutrient dense foods possible to consume. This means that if you were to forgo such foods high in healthy fats, you will deprive your body of nourishment if you were to not consume them.

By simply sitting around and taking less calories, you will not lose weight. When you suddenly starve yourself or engage in over training, your body enters into an emergency mode trying to protect itself. Your body then realizes it is not getting sufficient energy and it will tend to store the next intake of calories. Therefore, your body will suddenly grab hold onto every fat molecule and calorie for dear life the amount you stop starving yourself. Furthermore, during the period where you try starving yourself or over train, your body will break down your muscle tissues to use as an energy source. This means that your weight loss will be at the expense of bodily health functions as well as muscle reduction.

This is not what you should be aiming for. You may notice that your weight will have reduced, but your muscle mass will actually help increase your metabolism, burning more fats passively. Now that your muscle mass is reduced, your metabolic rate is reduced as well.

As a result, to lose further weight, you have to reduce the amount you eat even more! This will carry on and on, but this clearly cannot work, or you will have to stop eating one day entirely for you to lose weight!

Even though weight loss is your goal, remember that muscle also provides tone to your body, enhancing your appearance and helping you look leaner.

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