Dogs are said to be descendants of the wolf and bears stark resemblance. Unlike the wolf though, dogs have been declared and have established themselves firmly as man’s best friend. There can be no better four legged companion than a faithful dog. Dogs come in all sizes ranging from the very large English Mastiff weighing between 150 – 250 lbs (68 – 110kg) to the very diminutive Chihuahua which can weigh less than 2 lbs (1 kg). Dogs are by nature quite loyal and can be trained to provide great services such as seeing-eye for the blind, guard, drug sniffing, sled pulling, trackers and hunters and many other useful activities as well as just being a loyal pet.

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs. All can be adapted to living domesticated lives. When acquiring a dog one should give serious thought to the type of dog one chooses. One should decide which breed of dog one can best accommodate. You should then acquire your dog from a registered owner/breeder or an animal shelter. Having acquired your new friend you should ensure you have proper bedding facilities and accommodation.

One should pay ken attention to the care and treatment of their dog. Dogs are susceptible to illnesses and diseases which can negatively impact the quality of their skin and coat. They should be taken for regular visits to the Veterinarian for examination and treatment. You should pay attention to the health of your dog’s teeth and brush with a recommended toothpaste and dog toothbrush. You should also bathe your dog with a recommended dog shampoo too.

Dogs love attention and love a good run on the outdoors. One should take their dog for regular walks allowing the dog to get plenty of exercise. You should feed your dog quality dog food which can be bought in just about any supermarket or pet store. Dogs by nature are carnivores and as such appreciate healthy servings of meat. It is recommended that you feed your dog the same kind and brand of dog food every time to ensure it adapts to the taste. You should also ensure that your dog has plenty of drinking water available.

If your dog is itching or has an unpleasant odor in addition to taking it to the Veterinarian, it is advisable to get your dog on a supplement regime. Nutritional supplements help your dogs to stay healthy and energetic. Supplements are packed with nutrients and can be had in solids or liquid. Supplements go a far way in keeping dogs healthy.

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