Recently, P&G Cuts More Than $100 Million in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads. The complete digital world is having a notion that the number of impressions correlates directly to the success of the brand. For an instance, a brand received more than 50 million views on their Ad video but still, the brand is in distress as the ad campaign was unable to achieve the business goals aligned to that campaign. But really was the problem with the Ad platform? Not really. It’s about how you are able to convey your brand’s character to the audience in a way the audience wants to listen.

There are many ways to make those “Ineffective Ad Campaigns” effective by making sure that we are serving the right kind of campaign idea to the right audience at the right time. So let’s talk how to be most relevant to the audience that we are targeting & translate the impressions into the successful business outcomes of a brand.

• Gather Data:

So, before executing any high budget digital marketing campaign, it is vital to gather your audience data by means of a survey, Analytics, Offline campaigns, past campaign data or third party data and create persona buckets for each set of audience and plate them accordingly. Also, learn from the successful campaigns executed in past by the competitors as there is a lot to learn from it & create a similar success story for your brand by considering all the positive data points they used to execute the campaign.

• Talk what they want to hear

Brainstorm on a campaign idea, which could resonate well with your brand persona. I liked the way Xiomi was able to attract the masses in India with their campaign - #KoiDebateNahi. They considered the behavioral trends of Indian audience as they gathered the insight that Indians loves to debate in various scenarios of life and hammered it to the audience with the right amount of force.

• Do a Pilot Campaign

Now that we are ready for the campaign idea & audience targeting, shall you kickstart? No! Always consider doing a pilot campaign with A/B testing using the different set of sample audiences & know what fares well.

• Use Programmatic Advertising #ArtificialIntelligence

Selecting the right programmatic tool that was able to capture the maximum audience data with their behavior would be ideal. This tool uses machine learning to analyze past campaigns and recommends the right inventory and targeting based on your unique goals and what’s performed well historically. That makes it easier to go from insight to impact & would address to the concern of not being able to translate the ad impressions to conversions.

Author's Bio: 

Abhishek Shah is the co-founder of Ally Digital Media, one of the top seo company in Mumbai. He helps companies to increase their revenue via digital sales.