When you see someone, when you meet someone, when you interact with someone, when you get a chance to look at someone who has done what you want to do, whoosh, you have an amazing belief change—because you can see that it is possible. Now, I don't mean people out there. Because we know there are multi-bega-deca-millionaires out there, billionaires out there.

I'm talking about when you see someone that you judge as relatively someone you know. That's good. That's why we recommend the MasterMind principal, which could also be called a mentoring principal.

It's also connected with the principle specialized knowledge and organized planning. All these steps are always multidimensional, interdependent.

But here's what we do know for sure. Our environment is a reflection of our past thoughts, attitudes, actions, strategies, techniques, and implementation. And if it isn’t what we want right now, well then, we've got to change something—because there is input, there are causes, that create the reality.

The present is the result, the effect, of the causes that have proceeded before. Now, you can't do much about the actual circumstances that are in the present now, but you can draw a line in the sand of time and move forward towards something completely different tomorrow.

Your tomorrow will be a reflection of your current thoughts, attitudes, actions, strategies, techniques, and implementation.

There is a way for you to get what you want. There is a way. It takes finding out what that way is. This is the specialized knowledge of the rich.

What is the secret formula that works universally? There is a way for you to get what you want, and it's different from what you're doing now. What you've already done or been doing has gotten you to where you are now, and you're saying that's not where you want to be.

You've got to interrupt the pattern; you've got to get conscious.

You redirect, reengineer, and reorganize; planning your life in a new way.

There's a way for you to get what you want, and it's different from what you're doing now. "Oh!" you say. I know, because I've worked with and counseled thousands. "Oh!" As soon as you touch the edges of your comfort zone, and if God forbid, you go past the edges of your comfort zone, you're going to hear it.

You're going to hear it from your own self and psyche, who is used to life the way it's been. You're going to hear it from your family and your friends, and, "Why should you be so ambitious? It's a sin! You can't do that, who do you think you are?!" You're going to hear it.

You've got to, at that point, recognize one essential truth—when you've been doing something wrong for a long time, doing it right feels wrong at that time. Right feels wrong because you're accustomed—it's your comfort zone—to doing it wrong. Doing it right will feel wrong.

It certainly doesn’t then get any easier that your entire environment goes into rebellion, trying to force you back into the old status quo.

Armed in advance, knowing these things, hey, have a good time doing it in a manner that you know is right but may feel wrong at first.

And you're willing to suffer through it because you have the good advice, the knowledge of it in your own interior that that's the right way to go. Because you have dreams and ambitions which you will work to achieve.

With a burning desire, organized planning, and determination you can achieve the change you need to create the success you so ardently desire.

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Ted Ciuba, among his other accomplishments, modernized and empowered Napoleon Hill’s success classic, Think and Grow Rich, “the book that launched a million millionaires”. To discover The NEW Think and Grow Rich visit www.TheNewThinkAndGrowRichBook.com