We all want to decorate our room or try different showpiece or decorative materials that can enhance the look of our house. Everyone have tables in their house, if you are also having one then do you got a perfect cover for it? If no, then with us you can get an idea about the cover which will suit your home completely. So, most of us have marble tables in our home and for them, you should only use the marble inlay table top which are unique and looks very decent. You can also get lots of designing carved on the table top.

What are the items that one can get from marble?

There is no doubt that marble is a precious stone which is mostly used for the flooring. We all are familiar with this that we can get marble floors which have lots of benefits and remain cool even during the hot winters. Apart from this, it also gives your house a royal look. Although at present there are floor tiles also available which are cheaper than the marble but still the craze of marble is still the same. If you think that marble is only used for flooring then you are completely wrong here. Nowadays we are also using marble stone for the table tops as I have already discussed the marble inlay table tops but there are many other things also available. You can get a lot of things to manufacture through marble like as of white marble jewellery boxes. If you have precious jewellery or antique items then you can keep them in a marble box as it will keep them secure and free from the environmental effects.

It may sound a bit off-topic but I want to ask one thing, have you visited the Taj Mahal? Most of you may think about why? If your answer is yes, then I am sure you are familiar that Taj Mahal is made up of marble sandstone due to which it looks very beautiful and is also a reliable monument. We all know the history and beauty of the Taj along with its appearance. You may have seen many Taj models at different gift gallery but have you ever tried for the marble Taj Mahal replica? We are providing the exact copy of the Taj Mahal which is not only similar in appearance but is also durable. This item will increase the beauty of your house and will also show your personality.


It is your choice what you want for your home but we will definitely suggest you go with marble inlay coffee table top. You can get them for your dining table, a small table, or whatever you want. So, I am sure that you are also planning to get one for the decoration of your home. As our house is the only thing that represents our personality in front of our friends and relatives, that's why it is very important to work on increasing its charm with these adorable marble items.

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Hariom Handicraft is manufacturer and exporter of all types of marble products like marble inlay table tops, marble jewellery boxes, marble sculpture and other products which are used in interior designing.