Consulting is recognized as one of those services that are now accessible globally as a result of trending communication technologies. While it is also one of those services that are best provided face-to-face you can however, hire and transact with a consultant from any continent. This can be achieved via teleconferencing tools or Skype, making the choices of hiring a consultant frankly unlimited.

Additionally, consulting is regarded as a process that entails the human chemistry and trust. It is expected that you trust your senses when choosing an admission consultant as well as feel comfortable with your consultant for effective processing. Importantly, thoroughfully check their professionalism and ethics before hiring.

Furthermore, if you consider working/hiring an international admission consultant, it is crucial that your consultant is acquainted with your culture and has worked with several applicants with related profiles. Most consultants assist their clients in realistically planning out post-secondary prospects as they have a vast knowledge of programs, admissions and schools requirement.

However, the application process of Ivy League schools is recorded as a stressful experience for students trying to gain admission into the college as well as for parents. It is revealed that the total number of student applying to Ivy League colleges is growing yearly, but at an extensive rate. Specifically, the brightest high school students are still struggling to stay competitive in a multitude field of applicants into Ivy League College.

Given this, many parents and students are currently turning to college consultants in order to navigate through highly competitive and complex world of college admissions. Admission consultants serve as trusted advisers to both parent and students when processing application. They equally offer students personal attention and enlighten them on extra-curricular activities, course selection, summer programs and standardized test prep.

Specifically, an Ivy League admissions consultant guides students through completing all aspects of application and ensure students meets their desired goals and ambitions, thus championing their success at the long run. While there are reliable Ivy League consultants in the world, every Ivy League school has its own attributes and characteristics that describe its traditions and culture as an institution.

Of course, most consultants determine their charges according to the major market (US or Europe) or serve applicants targeting top schools. Ivy League schools however still carry on some standards till date, but are molded with digital and technology revolution. In addition, as their acceptances rate becomes more competitive, admission consultant for Ivy League schools can be regarded as Ivy League college counselor.

Some of the Ivy League schools however include the Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Yale, Princeton and Harvard University. These schools have long history dating back to 1636 with the development of Harvard, followed by Yale and Princeton in 1701 and 1746 respectively.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for University Admission Help who are a Delhi based education consultant firm that guides students in India on the best preparations for gaining admission into top IVY league colleges in the US.