If you are one among the person who like to travel from place to place then there are some places which you will surely enjoy. If you are a foodie then you should surely go for a short trip to Jamaica which will give you the real taste of spicy food. When you go for a trip and get your shopping list prepared there will be one more thing added to it i.e.scotch Bonnet. This is one of the most common ingredient which is used in most of their food item. If you book a villa you just need to tell the cook to prepare the most important dishes in Jamaica and he will actually help you in adding this in the food items he prepare for you and your family.
This pepper looks like the squashed Scottish hat and is mainly available in yellow and red color. They are mainly in red color and counted among the hottest pepper in the world. The rating of this pepper almost comes under the rate of 10,000 to 350, 000 which states that it’s one of the hottest pepper chilly. There are a lot of people who make use of this pepper to made sauce at home itself which gives an amazing taste when added with any dish. People in Jamaica make use of this pepper at a large scale as they like to add some spice to all their food items. Each and every food they made has scotch pepper added in it may it be chicken soup or marinated chicken, fish, spicy pork everything will contain this pepper in it.
How can one buy this pepper at the most cost effective price and in large quantity-?
• One of the best ways to buy these pepper is by just making a small visit to Jamaica. This place will not only allow you to have an amazing site visit at the same time allow you to buy large quantity of pepper at a very reasonable price. Apart from Scotch Bonnet you will be able to have a look at various other kind of hottest pepper in the country which can add up a good flavor to any dish you make.
• There are a lot of online store which provide these pepper in different brands and package which enables the buyer to buy the quantity which is appropriate for them. If you want to buy it for a year then this cannot be a right option.
• When it comes to buying it for a one whole year then it’s always god to buy the pepper in raw and making it at home itself. It’s very simple, you can check with someone who lives in Jamaica or even google will help you in the best ways. Making the sauce at home will always be the best as you can make enough quantity and preserve it. Also you will get the chance to add as many ingredients you need as per the taste. If you feel it’s very spicy you can add some amount of sugar to reduce the spice.

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