National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) is both research-intensive and learner-centered where students across India master excellence in the field of food and hospitality. The culinary centre is an amalgamation of opportunities, connections, and prominent placements.

Today, the food industry has grown to manifold with an abundance of opportunities and career plans. We offer degree and associate programs spanning the core of the food industry. Our food-centric education model helps our students to pitch attractive career options in the food business. Top employers look to the NFCI when hiring, and when you grab your NFCI degree, they wish to take you on board.

Backed with 29 years of experience, our institute is a full-service culinary arts and training centre that offers a spectrum of cookery courses. We have a proficient panel of educators for the students intending to become professional chefs. The advanced programs are also there to help them upgrade their cooking abilities.

NFCI Cooking Classes in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, NFCI Chandigarh is making waves by providing the best cooking classes in the region. This center is providing professional cookery training, imparting practical cooking lessons along with regular workshops from the best of the expert chefs of the culinary world. The trainers here know that the best way of learning is by experimentation, and this is what motivates them to encourage students enrolled for the cooking classes to learn the finer aspects of this art under their able supervision. The trainers here are also known for their immense patience ensuring that the students are at ease as they go through several rounds of trial and error, emerging with a bettered performance after every attempt. The cooking class batches are scheduled in a way that they are suitable both for students, who want to try and learn a skill or two and also for the more career-oriented individuals. The content of the cooking programs is so tailored to suit the first time cooks and alternatively the professionals who want to polish their existing culinary skills.

If cooking is your passion and you are someone who loves to travel and meet new people, in all probability you are tailored to be in the hospitality industry. Consider yourself fortunate if you are living in Chandigarh, Punjab, as the National Finishing and Cookery Institute is the Best Cooking Institute that is located in the heart of the city. This is that one-stop cooking institute that caters to all those aspiring culinary experts, not only Chandigarh but of all the towns and settlements around the vicinity of this ever-growing city.

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Through years of its existence in the city beautiful, NFCI has carved a niche for itself in providing the best of the Cooking Classes in Chandigarh. The batches are purposefully limited in size to facilitate a better attention span and focus on each participant. The State-of-the-Art appliances coupled with the other modern equipment installed make the process of teaching-learning very fruitful and worthwhile. The students here not only specialize in the gourmands but also learn the finesse in making all the preparations visually appealing too. The cutting edge for the success of the cooking classes is the long array of success stories of the alumni of this institution, who have made a mark as independent entrepreneurs or have earned themselves an indispensable key position in established hotel chains of the world. The NFCI Group has contributed to the hospitality world by providing the best of the skilled resources in the form of its students.

Our mission to build up the best quality and international level of Hospitality education in India so that strengthen our students gets a chance to build their careers worldwide. We wish to educate more and more numbers of students and put efforts together to enhance the hospitality industry.

The education you receive at NFCI Chandigarh will empower you with the required skills, knowledge, and way of developing vision. Your experience and stay with us will ensure that your entire career will be shaped and prepared to navigate successfully through economic, social, and other uncertain changes that the future will bring. Our cutting-edge, innovative curriculum offers a fine balance between academic rigor and practical application. It provides broad coverage of multi-dimensional hospitality education.

Although NFCI is most known for the culinary courses, the other popular courses that are often pursued are – Trainee Chef (recognized by NSDC), Certificate Course in Food Production, Diploma in Hotel Management, and Course in Housekeeping (recognized by NSDC), to name a few, Located in the Doaba region of Punjab, this institute has already made a mark with a large chunk of its students settling for the highly paid jobs, both in India and overseas. The hands-on training and the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the institute along with the detailed course content, ensure to give the best possible know-how to the students. If you are at NFCI there is never a dull moment in your tenure of stay!

Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh

The Institute of Hotel Management, Cooking Institute, Chandigarh is one of the premier hospitality institutes of India providing quality hospitality education at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.


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