Journaling for Ascension is about empowerment through self-awareness. It is a process by which you get your needs met for emotional and spiritual cleansing. Journaling removes the cobwebs from your thinking processes by having you record the ideas, thoughts and emotions that you currently find distracting.

This process is always about balance. Journaling gives you access to your inner thoughts and feelings and removes them from the cluttered storehouse of your unconscious. Then you can clearly see where you are going from day to day, what you are thinking and what you need to focus on as your growth unfolds. This cleansing is essential to moving you toward Ascension.

The world opens up to you when you start journaling because your unconscious receives the message that you are ready to receive information from your inner world. And you inner world is eager to release the straggling emotions of old traumas and hurts.

Self-empowerment through self-knowledge is about entering your world of unconscious activity where you have stored the effects of past traumas, hurt feelings and any un-examined life events. When you’re open to this process you will uncover much about yourself that has heretofore remained hidden.

Journaling is not a short cut to immortality and creative writing as some would have you believe. It is simply an access point to your inner life where valuable information about who and what you are can be uncovered. Self-communication leads to self-cleansing, which then paves the way for Ascension to occur.

Disregard any other ideas you may have about journaling, especially those that suggest you have to write creatively and with purpose. This is not the case. Journaling is about self-revelation. Bringing your unconscious self to conscious awareness. Only by knowing what you believe in and then acting on that information can you make choices for the better.

The conditioning you received in your early years is still active inside, even if it no longer makes it to conscious awareness. That’s what repeating patterns of behavior are all about. We are being driven by some part of us that believes in unquestioned and outdated ideas. Once you see these patterns, and the ideas that drive them, you can interrupt your automatic responses and make new choices. We refer to this process as Conscious Evolution.

Prepare yourself for a rough ride at times as your unconscious protector/controller tries to steer you away from recognizing this inner activity. This part of you has a big investment in staying hidden and will resist your pursuit of self-honesty and increased awareness.

In the end you will acquire what you want, because your submerged self wants to be heard and wants the same level of freedom that you desire. You will become collaborators on that front, cooperating on the process of Ascension and shifting to higher consciousness.

The old guard, the protector/controller, will put up resistance because he or she is about to lose their job. Successful journaling requires you listen to all the voices within, including this one. So when that part is active, put it on the page.

Your resistance will hiss and snarl at times of change, so let it do so in your journal. You’ll see this happen time and time again. It’s a struggle after all for every part of you. When you choose to make a change for the better, that upsets the old inner balance. Let the resistance have its say in your journal. Only then can you set it aside and resume your forward motion toward Ascension.

Once you begin this process and engage in it regularly, your journaling will become self-activating. Whenever something inside you clamors for attention you’ll find yourself reaching for the journal to let it out. Whatever needs attention put it on the page – good, bad or indifferent. Do not edit or deny what’s begging for attention. You’ll learn that these “negative” parts of you are just scared. Once those feelings are out, you will immediately calm down.

Journaling is a very powerful process of self-communication. It will activate itself time and again as you become accustomed to using it. And it will pave the way for your Ascension process.

Begin simply by just recording your feelings. Let your inner self tell you what is going on inside. Do not edit or distort. Just record! Ask yourself feeling questions mainly, because we are all quite capable of rationalizing our thoughts and feelings rather than experiencing them.

When you ask feeling questions, listen for feeling answers and write them down. Your protector/controller will try and dissuade you from going too deep. Feeling questions help you sidetrack that resistance.

“How do I feel about . . . .?” will help you reach the center of any difficulty while bypassing the guardian at the gate to your interior life.

You will discover things about yourself that are truly amazing, secrets you’ve never revealed to anyone. You’ll uncover regrets you’ve had about past experiences, hopes you hold for your future and secret desires that you have never been willing to admit to. This is your chance to do all that adventurous excavating while clearing your emotional and feeling centre of psychological debris.

This will be a time of great learning accompanied by great frustration. It’s all part of the package. Journaling brings out everything and that is always to your benefit. Our 3rd dimensional baggage has to be released before 5th dimensional ascended consciousness can come into view.

Do not give up on your recording practices just because things have calmed down. Your journaling sessions will become smoother as time marches on, and you’ll be better equipped, in terms of emotional and spiritual strength, to handle each and every crisis that comes your way.

Journaling takes you to the Well of Wisdom from where all answers emerge. Eventually, you will find yourself confronted with the Divinity that is you, your own Holy Soul. She or He will reveal much about who you are and help you secure that connection with Source.

In time, you will trust that connection so completely that you will access it often, especially when big decisions are at stake. At this point you will see yourself as a co-creator with your God Source and happily utilize that guidance for every aspect of your life.

That is the power of journaling. It puts you in touch with your essential self, which puts you in touch with your Source. We are part of that Divine Matrix and we are all enriched by this connection.

Commit to your Ascension and let journaling be your friend from this point forward.

Author's Bio: 

Maurice Turmel PhD is a 25 year veteran therapist who currently directs programs at The Ascension Training Centre. He is a contributing writer to, a Personal Growth website. He has 4 books to his credit: 1)The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service; 2) Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012; 3) How to Cope with Grief and Loss; 4) Twelve Steps to Ascension.