The other day, I read from somewhere (must be in one of the online discussion sites that I frequent) a statement of an internet marketer stating that he had been struggling to find a profitable niche that he can venture into. Further, he said that internet marketing has left very little space for uniqueness and novelty.

Like all ideas for an online business have already been exhausted and overused. He have been struggling to find a niche that is different from what is already existing. I don’t mean to discourage you, but boy, it’s quite like an urban myth. Yes, there could still be some untapped markets or about-to-be-discovered online business ideas, but are you serious about spending “forever” searching for it? I don’t mean to say that businesses on the net nowadays are copycats of another.

These days, you can just expect thousands of similar sites competing in one arena. It’s a cutthroat competition out there but certainly, there is enough room for any one who is willing to take the plunge and face the challenges in store. I remember that in the past, I used to think that I have to come up with an idea that is uniquely mine.

However, every time I do my research, I was most often confronted by a hundred other websites in the same niche. It was frustrating but I realized I was looking a bit too far. There are actually popular niches that I can get into. Never mind the competition and the competitors.

You just need to be uber creative and innovative with your ideas. Newbies sometimes tend to have this set of ideals on how an internet business should be or how internet marketing should be done. But who are they kidding? The solution to making real money online is just within reach.

It is here. Take a look at the popular niche markets. I understand where that guy was coming from but I just shun so much negativity. Internet marketers like him needs to be enlightened and be made to realize that popular niche markets are not saturated even if they appear to be overcrowded.

If there are too many sites on a particular niche, then, there must be more than enough customers who keep on buying. What to do in a competitive market? Prepare to stand out in the crowd. From the already existing concept, come up with your own unique edge against your competitors.

Try to reinvent and innovate products, packaging, and marketing strategies. Don’t simply copy from others. In the long run, you will realize that there is nothing wrong about joining the bandwagon. If that’s where the money is, then jump in.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Discover how Menno increased his sales using his very own Copywriting Manual.