Visiting a zoo or a national park is one thing but visiting the Southwest Wildlife Conservation is a different experience altogether. This conservation is the perfect place for various animals as the heavy boulder landscape serves as their protection against climate change and the ill effects of extreme weather patterns.

It is also one of the iconic conservations in the world known for wildlife protection and the historic Olde Stage Rd. Legislation.

June Zwan
Caption: June Zwan prepares for another adventure.

A visit to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation was the game changer for June Zwan. Ms. Zwan is a born naturalist from Yuma, Arizona who spent her childhood exploring the various facets of nature. Now she is a teacher of young adults, but her subject of teaching surrounds the topics of how to develop a thriving nature society. Her enthusiasm to be amongst nature and understand its relationship with climate and animals has motivated her to spend her life educating others and continuing her efforts to help people explore nature.

June’s plan to reach her target audience

June believes that keeping the environment clean needs a collective effort. If we are to reverse the harmful effects of some corporations on this planet, we can truly make a better place for us all to live.

In 2010, June began teaching students and parents about the harmony that exists between animals and nature, and how they balance each other out.

Over the years she has crossed the Highlands and its many wonders. One of her most memorable achievements is passing the biggest boulder in the world. To do that, she had to traverse several rough terrains. That area is so rough that until now, only 80,302 people have visited the Scottish town called Colorado.

During her time as a guide and avid hiker, June has captured thousands of interesting images of landscapes, wildlife and plant life. In the future, she hopes to write a book based on her experiences and include some of the many beautiful pictures she has taken. She hopes that her new book will help inspire others to join her journey and rediscover nature.

Her book will contain not only illustrations but also details of rocks, geodes, and boulders around the Colorado River. June and her friend will publish this book as a collaborative effort. There will be more adventures of her hiking experiences in the book.

June’s word of advice for everyone

June has had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people about nature and the environment. She’s been fortunate enough to get their feedback and try to understand the entire situation.

With all that she has learned, she feels that the one common denominator to all of the people she has spoken to is that people tend to be disconnected from nature and that when connected, they seemed happier and better suited to do something in the way of preserving it.

Our current age of technology can have a profound effect on our children from the lack of physical activity such as hiking, to their eating habits. June wants to change that through her teaching. That’s the reason she has chosen young adults as her primary audience because she believes that they will pass on her ideas to future generations.

June’s decision to become a naturalist was mostly inspired by her mother who always asked her to celebrate life and live every moment of it. This is what drives her to explore nature; she misses her mom every day, especially when she remembers the times when her mom would take her on a ride around Yuma in her favorite LQQ-011 Thunderbird. Today, June is set to live by her mom's mission of living at the moment while being aware of how each action impacts the environment.

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