A need and desire that most of us women have is to feel safe and protected from the world and all of its sharp bumps and edges.

If you, the husband, can make us feel safe, if you can "cover us" and protect us, we will find you irresistible and will stay in love with you...forever.
We women want you to understand that our fears are different from your fears. 

We want you take gentle care of our fears and be protective of them.  We don't want you to make fun of them or neglect them either.  You see, if our fears are kept mostly at bay, we can be who we really are and who we are most comfortable with...that woman you fell in love with. 

One of our biggest fears is that one day you will no longer think that we are beautiful...that you won't find us desirable and attractive.  And worse, that you will find another woman that you do think is more beautiful, more desirable and more attractive.

We want to feel like the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world to you...that out of all the women in the world...there is only one.
Here are four things that we would love for you to know about us that make us feel beautiful...

1.  We love to hear you tell us that we are beautiful. We love to hear the words come out of your mouth.  It feels like warm sunshine and a big hug.  Tell us you think we are beautiful all dressed up and with nothing on.  Tell us we are beautiful every morning and every night. And sometimes, you may have to tell us until we believe it ourselves.

2.  We love it when you talk about us to other folks...about our accomplishments and about the little things we do.  When you talk about us and brag on us, we feel valuable to you.  We feel like you are proud that we are yours.  Talk about something we say that's funny.  Talk about how we cooked you the most wonderful supper.  Talk about something that you love and think is special about us.

3. We love it when you listen to us, really listen..."look us in the eye, don't interrupt, hang on every word" kind of listen to us.  Turn off the television, don't jump in with your story, ask us probing questions that let us know you are interested.  Smile at us when we talk to you.

4.  We love it when you understand what making love is to us.  We know that sex is very important to you...that to feel intimacy you need sex.  But we want you to understand that intimacy is very important to us...that to want sex we need intimacy.  Jane Austen wrote, "One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other."  We want to make a deal.  If you try to understand us, we will try to understand you.  Touch us, kiss us, hug us and take our hand. Rub our shoulders and look us in the eye.  Take time with us.  We are worth it.

We want to be irresistible to you.  We want you to be irresistible to us, too.  Gently holding our fear of not being beautiful to you and taking the time to be generous and attentive to us is time wonderfully spent...for now and for always.

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Known for blending her gracious and gentle style of teaching with her intuition and knowledge of relationships, romance and the energy of romance Emily creates simple and fun ways for you to have the romance and passion you so deeply crave. She is the creator of The Romance Principles™, an author, Relationship Coach and Law of Attraction Coach. Please visit her website at www.marriedwithromance.com.