Traditional fireplaces have been considered throughout history as an essential asset during winter months. However, using and running a chimney is not so easy. In the twenty-first century world, we are all looking for faster and efficient replacements for traditional types of equipment. This is when the utility of electric fireplace comes to play. These fireplaces mimic the conventional electric fireplace that used to run on coal, wood, or natural gases. You can set up the electric fireplace where the real fire used to be, but in that case, the traditional one cannot be used anymore. You can choose from a multiplicity of options such as the "flame only" mode, or you can even use it as a heater. They plug in easily to the wall and can be used at any time of the day.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces heat your room while giving it a sense of aesthetics, which is a perfect combination for any room. Once you have made up your mind that you truly want an electric fireplace, you now need to select what kind of electric stove is best suited for your need. There are four kinds of electric fireplaces, and that is as follows:

1. Fireplace TV stands:

These Fireplaces come with a firebox where the artificial fire is going to be. Along with this is a mantle on which the firebox is placed. These mantles are versatile you can choose from some Colors, finishes, and designs to suit the color scheme and theme of your room. People opt for this design, and the stand can be used either as a bookshelf or even as a TV stands giving it a more natural placement in your room. This design is fantastic if you have limited space in your house but have to incorporate one model into the other. This design will also enable your room to have one central point in your room, which will be the focus of all attention. There are also corner fire TV stands for people who have even smaller living spaces but want to use an electric fireplace because of the aesthetics it adds to the room.

2. In Wall Fireplace:

If you want to install your Fireplace directly on the wall, you will need professional help as it deals with cutting beams and wiring which is best handled by people who know their job best. These are the sleekest and contemporary design out there. With the various ideas and suggestions around Fireplaces on the internet, you can customize these Fireplaces to your heart's end and have them in the manner that will express your vibrant or stoic personality at best. For this reason, these fireplaces have become so popular.

3. Wall Mounted Fireplace:

These fireplaces hand on to the wall in the same fashion as a television hangs on the wall. Most of the models can be hung on the drywall itself without encountering much trouble. These fireplaces need the use of mounting hardware, which is imperative to make the chimney safe and secure after installation. You will also be given instructions at each step for its installation and use henceforth.

4. Electric Fireplace Inserts:

These are electric fireplaces that are built and designs led to be inserted into a traditional fireplace. Whether your fireplace was brick-lined or steel lined, you can use these inserts either way. The inserts are known to use logs are fitted with LED lights on the inside, so it resembles glowing and burning fire. It is truly a sight to admire. These inserts are the easiest to install, and you can do them yourself in no time. All you have to do it connect the insert to 120-volt electricity if and turn the switch on. They produce realistic flames without any hard work.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Although it is true that the electric fireplace does not sand as much maintenance work as does the traditional fireplace, however, if you have something, you must take care of it and so applies for these electric fireplaces. Before you carry out your routine maintenance work on your fireplace, you must make sure that your unit is turned off and unplugged from the source. You must regularly check the wiring to make sure everything is secure and in place. If you see any inconsistency, you must talk to your installer immediately. Although you do not have to dig the ashes out or even wipe the spot off of the glass in your electric fireplace, all you have to do is change the light bulb from time to time. As for the outside of your Fireplace, it is as easy to keep it under check as the inside was. All you have to do is clean the outside with a dry cloth and wipe the dust away. That's all!

Pros of Electric Fireplaces

When things are created to replace something old, there are generally some advantages attached to the new item. Since the development of electricity, there has been vast technological betterment. The product of stone electric fireplaces is one such unique invention. They are associated with many advantages, and they are listed below:

• These electric fireplaces do not require a chimney. Since there is no actual flame, there is also no smoke. Hence, you will save a lot of architectural money because these chimneys require extra expenditure.

• Electric fireplaces are mostly portable. Even though they look best on the living space, you can take them to your bedroom or guest room if it needs to be heated at night. Hence, you can have one appliance but use it at multiple sites when in need.

• Artificial fireplaces can be installed as it is. They do not have to remodel while installing. You can plug them into your wall and use them whenever you need.

• Now obviously, the uses of electric fireplaces are much economical. Not only are these fireplaces easy to use but also does not require coal or wood to keep burning. This Fireplace can run without you running around for firewood. You can save the money spent on the inflammatory substance and save the effort of putting the fire up every day.

• The use of the electric fireplace is convenient and safer for both the environment as well as for your house. Electric fireplaces do not emit smoke, which is mainly responsible for air pollution, and since it is the fire in your home, it can burn down your house if you are not careful at all times. Electric fireplaces mimic light and use electricity. Hence, there is no reason for them to create such a Hazard.

• Electric fireplaces do not require any additional maintenance. You can install and forget about it, and it will still run fine. On the other hand, with traditional fireplaces, it takes a lot of maintenance work for wood or gas fireplaces to keep them running.

Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Even with all the advantages associated with an electric fireplace, there is something about the charm of the traditional fireplaces that they cannot mimic. Although these fireplaces are economical and suitable for use, they have some disadvantages. First and foremost, these fireplaces are somewhat less inefficient than the traditional ones. These fireplaces mimic the flames while at the same time acting as a heater. Although there is not much to it, these heaters are generally less efficient than that of the traditional fireplaces because the traditional ones used actual heat and fire, which is meant to be more productive. Even when you install stone electric fireplace in the place of your traditional fireplace, they do not look as real as the traditional ones. Since they mimic the flames of the traditional fireplaces, they are not genuine and fail to authenticate that sense of realness to your house. Even though it looks brilliantly chic and modern, the inefficiency coupled with the unrealistic flame may make it less desirable. Finally, you cannot expose the electric fireplaces to any and every weather since they are electronic items and can short circuit when exposed to water or rain.

Incorporate the heat of a fireplace and the chic look all in one with the help of best stone electric fireplaces which are best for your home. You can choose from an array of designs and types and chose the one that is apt for your need.

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