Before you choose to establish a site you should settle what it is for. At Freedom seo we like to discuss your requirements in detail. There are many reasons for people to want a website. Many are for info only. Many people use their own website to display their photographs and other personal items. MySpace and Facebook have filled this slot quite well and daily one sees updates of events and activities of one's 'friends'.

But many others wish to use the internet to sell things. E-commerce is designed to sell things online. In order to sell you need to attract people to your site and this is where SEO comes in. The search engines generate leads to your site and Google accounts for over 80% with Yahoo and a few others (Bing) trailing.

The Google algorithm is not published so just exactly what Google looks for to do a site rate high on its ratings is unknown. But experience and success in getting bright ratings for websites is part of the secret that makes Freedom SEO so successful. Some of the things known to improve Search Engine ratings are:-

New Content
The web crawlers ('bots or spiders) which check and index sites and list them on the search engine always look for new postings. If alerted that there is new info on a site they will check again and keep the listing fresh. If no updates happen on a popular keyword the URL will be rated as stale fall down the rankings. This is important because over 35,000 new sites are published every day so these crawlers are very busy.

Search engines LOVE new content. So it is vital that new articles, appropriately sprinkled with keywords relating to your goods or services, are frequently being published and the search engines informed. Freedom SEO see that fresh new articles continually written and published and the search engines told so each article gets read and indexed soon and this leads to traffic to your site.

Keywords are King
Search engines index by keywords. These are the phrases that the punters punch into the query box when looking for something. If for instance you are selling a health tonic, Then your first keyword would be 'Health tonic', another might be 'Feel more alert' separate might be 'Have more energy' and so on. All of these have to be written into articles at an acceptable density. (Too few and you will miss getting hits, too many and the Search engine will rate you as 'keyword stuffing' and de-rate the ranking.

A keyword list is compiled in conjunction with you. They then check out on the net which are the most influential and then get articles written with those keywords. When a potential customer asks for "More get up and go", Freedom SEO will have an article written and indexed with that as a keyword, and customers will be clicking on your site.


It is not only that the keywords are significant but the article must make sense. Google doesn't say how they do it but if your article is basically gibberish stuffed with keywords which don't give a "story" then the site is downgraded. This never happens with sites that Freedom SEO manages.

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