This is a complete overview of kidney stones herbal remedies. Throughout this article you will find out who should use herbal remedies, what herbal remedies to use, when to use them, where they should be applied if they are topical remedies and why they should be used. Basically, by the end of this article you will know everything you need to know in order to make an educated decision on herbal remedies and your kidney stones.

Who should treat kidney stones with herbal remedies? Basically, using herbal remedies is extremely safe for most people. However, kidney stones herbal remedies must be approved by your physician because there is a slight chance there can be a reaction with some herbs and medications or other health conditions.

What herbs are used as herbal remedies for treating kidney stones

- cramp bark
- hydrangea
- joe-pye weed also known as gravel root
- goldenrod

The above mentioned herbs are some of the herbs that are often used to reduce the pain caused by the kidney stones. Generally, these herbs can be used if you are experiencing even the mildest discomfort from kidney stones. When should these herbs be used? When you begin to feel a fight with kidney stones coming on.

There are also herbs that are often used if there is bleeding associated with kidney stones. Here are those herbs:

- horsetail
- agrimony
- Saint-John's-wort
- shepherd's purse
- nettles
- yarrow

These should only be used if you are currently experiencing bleeding from the kidney stones and with the approval of your medical care provider.

Some of these herbal remedies can be made into teas or drinks and some are also available in a capsule form. You can buy the capsules at most health food stores such as GNC.

Why should you use herbal remedies instead of medicinal remedies for your kidney stones? There are many different answers to this question. For some, the answer is because they do not want to take medicines that have the potential to harm them in time, others feel it is more important to use herbal remedies to treat all of their conditions because that is how it was before we had the advances in medical technology. Your reason can be different from these. There literally is no wrong answer to this question. If you truly want to use kidney stones herbal remedies to control your pain and future bouts with kidney stones and your doctor feels it is safe, by all means go ahead.

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