Contrary to what most people believe, alcoholism doesn’t only impact the person addicted to it. It rather has a serious impact on the entire family. You will be surprised to know how the parents’ addiction to alcohol can impact their children’s mental and emotional health. In fact, many children have reported that their parents’ alcohol addiction contributed to a majority of issues they are facing today.

The development of a child depends largely on the environment they grow in. It’s important for parents to find a reliable de-addiction center in Pune or get alcohol addiction treatment Mumbai to recover faster and provide their kids with a safe and peaceful environment to grow. Here’s how alcohol addiction can affect your child’s mental health.

A Sense of Being Normal Growing up with alcohol addicts can have a significant impact on the child’s emotional well-being. In fact, the effects could be so severe that it may last a lifetime. As the child has never seen what normal parents do and how they treat their kids, there is a chance they might never develop a sense of normalcy.
It will be hard for your child to differentiate between good and bad. They feel confused, embarrassed, and self-conscious when they realize that alcohol addiction is not normal and that’s not how the parents of other kids treat them.

They Develop Insecurities Kids who have grown up in such an environment where all they experienced was lies, broken promises, and denial are likely to have a hard time trusting others. They believe that trusting someone – be it a friend or a partner – is not going to worth it. Low self-esteem and insecurities are the common problems that might make children prone to struggles in their romantic relationships. Chances are they will never want to build a healthy and sound relationship based on their past experiences with their family.

The Fear of Violence It’s easy to believe that children might become alcohol addicts in the future if they grow with parents suffering from alcohol addiction. However, the reality is these kids develop a fear of violence, especially if the parents get abusive and rude to them. They may avoid situations that can result in unnecessary conflicts and any kind of violence.

Judging Themselves No matter how good and sincere the kid is, growing up in a family where the parents are addicted to alcohol can wreak havoc on the child’s mental health. They will start to believe that they are not good enough. With low self-esteem, they will start looking for others’ approval. There is a chance they will feel inadequate. Children will have difficulty in making friends or socializing with others.

Some children become workaholics and overachievers just to avoid being in a situation where they will have to deal with their parents’ anger for not being perfect. Parents can overcome alcohol addiction by joining a rehab center for addiction in Pune. So, find a rehab center and get de-addiction treatment to give your kids a healthy place to grow.


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Most people who become addict reach a stage when they feel that they are no longer in control of themselves and at times take the right decision to leave the habit. Most people at this stage would either in their mind have a decision that could involve quitting fully, thinking of reducing the intake or find replacement behavior.

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