The sibling DNA test may be a new term for many people however in medical and legal arena it isn’t something uncommon. Mostly, the test is done to legally prove the individuals are sibling to clear many legal formalities.  Yes, this test is quite useful when you need legal documents to prove your brother or sister is really your sibling. While it helps in ample number of ways, thus quite beneficial for many people.

The siblingship DNA test is really a great help when parents are unknown or have deceased, thus to clear doubts and have peace of mind the test is done in registered recognized laboratories like Paternity USA. There laboratories test results are totally trustworthy and as they have more markers percentage than other well known laboratories. 

Now know how the sibling DNA test is proving to be useful: 

  • Thus tests aids in knowing whether you and your sibling are born of same parents or not. This helps to clear legal disputes involving properties and valuable assets left to you by your parents. While in some cases, it helps the court to equally distribute the share between the rightful siblings. 
  • The DNA of the individuals involved is verified to know whether they are full siblings, half siblings or not. 
  • The people involved will be able to know whether they have one common parent or totally different parents. 
  • Here you don’t have to provide genetic elements as in siblings DNA test, the siblingship index counts for analyzing the report. The index is required to be greater than 1.00 to state them as siblings. More the greater index percentage they are stated to be children of same parents. 
  • Direct relationship testing aids in many legal matters like if one sibling has demised then the other sibling has the liability to care their sister/brother’s children and look after their assets till the children have reached the major age. 

There is a difference in sample collection of DNA testing for siblings

  • It is like: 
    1. While testing of male siblings is quite easy as their ‘Y’ chromosome is matched, thus the results are quite accurate and aids in settling the legal matters with ease. 
    2. While doing for sisters, it is a bit difficult task as they need to match their ‘X’ chromosome with their mother’s. 
    3. For sibling DNA test, it is usually done by collection oral swabs. You can even avail home kits that are given along with instructions and consent forms. Then, the samples are verified in the laboratory. 


While to test the same maternal line or paternal line, the individuals need to check their mitochondrial DNA. In present times, sibling DNA testing has become quite simple and cost effective. You get the results in the second week of giving the samples, thus any legal formalities can be easily done without waiting for a long time. 


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