Moving cost is dependent on various factors, like the type of move, number of belongings, the weight of your shipment, the distance of your move and many more. If you are hiring a professional and reliable moving company, then be ready to pay $1500- $2000 for moving cross country. The huge difference in moving costs is due to the difference in weight of belongings and how many miles you are moving. The first thing that you must consider while calculating your moving cost of a cross country move is the type of move, which is do it yourself move or hiring professionals to move. Let's explore and understand the average cost to move involved in both types whether you do-it-yourself or hire a moving company.
What is the Average Cost to Move Across the Country?
Hiring professional long distance moving companies is the most common and popular way to move. Although hiring movers is an expensive option, never forget that moving across the country is an extremely challenging job and you want your belongings to reach your new home safely and securely. The movers will get their own moving equipment and supplies to handle your possession with utmost care while moving. But the question is how much it will cost you to hire movers to handle your cross country move?

Moving costs vary but it majorly depends on the weight of belongings. For instance, if you are moving 1000 miles away then,

The average cost to move a studio apartment is between $1000 to $2000.
You can expect to pay between $2500 to $4000 if you are moving a two-bedroom house far away from your recent location.
Be ready to pay around $ 6500 to $10000, if you want to move your four-bedroom house.
What is the Average Cost to Move If you Do-it-yourself?
One of the cheapest ways to move to save money while moving cross country is doing-it-yourself rather than hiring professionals, but then you have to pay for your time and efforts.

While doing it yourself, you can always hire a moving truck and then pack your belongings, load and secure them onto the moving truck and then drive to your new location. Another option is you pack and we drive, in which you have to pack your stuff and load it into a moving container and then the driver will transport the loaded container to your destination, where you'll have to unload it. Both options will come out to be the same price, after adding fees and taxes. In the end, you will ask yourself, whether it is worth it or not to hire professionals. For smaller jobs, there is no huge difference, but if you are moving to a four-bedroom, then you can save up to $1000.

While renting a moving truck, a 10-foot truck might cost around $1,200 to $1,400, while a 26-foot truck rental ranges from $1,900 to $2,100.
If you are considering a Moving Container, then the average rental cost is $700 to $5,000. Your final moving cost will depend upon the number of moving containers you need for your move.

Lastly, don't forget that your cost of moving across the country is majorly dependent on the distance to be travelled and weight of your belongings, which you have no control on.

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