With the proliferation of the “internet of things” almost everything could be bought and sold at the ease of a click, and even the wide sector of real estate could not remain untouched by the technological advancements taking place at the lighting pace. Buying and selling a property has become a cakewalk with the emergence of the various online portals. The online portals offer almost all the benefits of a high street agent virtually, that too at a low cost. Apart from that, the portals offer the global access at the ease of the doorstep to the users. We have further mentioned few essential tips for all the buyers and sellers to carry out smooth real estate deals virtually.

Before Buying
Begin with Thorough Research
No matter what one tells you, do your own research, and then reach to any conclusion. Buying property is one of the biggest investments of a person’s life; therefore, it requires a lot of research and study, prior to the deal. Cross check what the online real estate agent is telling you from the various independent forums to remove all the doubts.

Go with Reputation
"Reputation is the key" more reputed a builder or portal is, more trustworthy their services are. While looking for a house online, look for a portal with good user ratings. Similarly study the past work of the builder and select the one with a good name in the market. A builder’s reputation plays a very important role in the making a deal online. As you are dealing with the dealers online, it is just their goodwill that minimizes the probability of making a wrong investment.

Take Help of The Technical Features
So what if you are making the deal online, with the technological advancement taking place at the lightning pace, it is now absolutely easy to see each and every corner of the house you are planning to buy at the ease of your doorstep. Before moving to a property you are interested in, you can now easily look around the whole area by taking a 3D tour without being physically available at the site.

Cross Check
Even if you are very much sure of the deal you have made online, and you trust the builder blindly; do not run away from your homework. After checking almost all the essential aspects online, cross check the details about the property and pricing offline with a local agent in the area.

Check the Validity
Frauds, traps, and loopholes, the market is full of them! That’s why take special care while making the deal on the internet. There are many developers that trap the buyers in various troublesome deals to sell their unsold inventory, and some take the help of malpractices, and fraud to make money. Therefore, check the validity of the deal and builder before making the deal to save any future mishap.

Before Selling
Know Where Your Property Is Being Advertised
No matter how nice your property is, it is of no use if your online agent isn’t advertising it at the right platforms. Check where the property is being advertised. If it is not being advertised at the known portals like zoopla& remove, chances are many buyers could miss out on your property.

Enquire How They Price
Enquire your online real estate agent about the method they follow in pricing your property. It is important to know how your property is being priced if you want to ensure a profitable deal at the price which is the reflection of the actual market value of the property.

Put Best Photos And Videos
De-clutter the spaces, clean up the rooms, and click the best photographs to allure a large number of buyers to your property. If you want to attract a promising deal, you have to put the best side of your house on the portals. Most of the online agents aren’t very good at photography, therefore, take the burden on your head and click quality photos to be posted on the portal listings.

Be Friendly And Helpful To The Visitors
We know that constant visits by the interested buyers sometimes become a pain in the head, but a little cooperation can hand you a really nice deal for your property. When the visitors arrive, give them their space to go through the whole space, and try to answer all their questions with sincerity.

Online Property Portals have made the property buying and selling an easier affair for the investors situated worldwide. By keeping the above-listed tips in mind, buyers and sellers can keep themselves safe from the risks of doing property business online, and make the most out of their deals.

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