I, Kryon, will bring you messages of change. I have been chosen to speak to you through Sangitar.

Let us go back once more. For, for many human beings a certain date of your time was very important. It was 21 December 2012 of your time. Many human beings placed great hopes in this day. And many suspected that the high point of the ascension will take place on this exact day. There were also human beings who were very disappointed because this was not so. And there were even human beings who decided for themselves to turn away from us, the angels. But the process that is taking place on Earth is a process in the duality. And let me tell you: We beyond the veil observe the events, we observe the consciousness of Lady Gaia and we also observe the human beings. There are those who say: I have done so much already. When will the time finally arrive? And I, Kryon, tell you: Yes, you have done so much, for a long time, in so many incarnations and epochs. But in this incarnation a shift of time is like taking one breath. And still we could see that after this exact date very much has changed on Earth. On the one hand the energies are moving very, very much faster. Surely you have noticed that even linear time is changing. And that you cannot depend on what the dual time is saying. For sometimes an hour is like a minute. Sometimes two months are like two days.

There are so many changes. And the most important change has to be that it almost came to the high point of the ascension very recently. But it would have been an induced ascension and it would not have been so nice for Lady Gaia. Sangitar has asked me to choose human words. And so I would like to repeat here what has already been transmitted to you as message. When a woman carries a child in herself it is the nicest and most natural thing for the woman and also the child if the soul can choose when it would like to leave the mother's body. And it is the same for Lady Gaia. It takes a high consciousness, but above all it takes very much love to understand that Lady Gaia is entitled to receive the time in the duality that she needs.

But now the energies have changed again. The energy SHADEES was brought onto Earth. And we can see that it has come to enormous light expansions in many parts of the Earth. And many of you are waiting just for this high point of the ascension, and miss what is happening in the meantime. The changes, the dawning of consciousness, the experience of rising higher step by step, the expansions. And Kryon would like to transmit to you once more: You are in the middle of the events. You are in the middle of this change. That is why it is important not to concentrate on this one high point too much. But rather to pause and to feel and to see how the energies are changing from day to day, hour to hour. And when you do this you can see much. For much outside seems to collapse. The old cannot last anymore. The new is arriving more and more deeply. Particularly with the energies of SHADEES and SOL'A'VANA, God's breath. Also the energy of LAY'O'ESHA, the energy of freedom. And, staying with yourself, with your own miracle in you, then you will be able to move mountains with these energies. With loving thoughts alone that possess power you can change things for yourself, with your abilities, with all your aspects that are connecting deeper and deeper.

Information is being heaped on the golden-blue frequency in particular. But you are the old souls and we bring you this new information for you once promised to be there for the human beings during this time and help them. A high consciousness has gathered here and one can feel the power and the love of change. And because of that the time has now come to look after the red frequency more. This we will do at the present time. But before Kryon tells you about the red frequency, breathe the light of SOL'A'VANA, God's breath, into yourselves and feel the deep peace.

You have heard much about the various frequencies. You belong to the golden-blue frequency. But there is no judgement which frequency is better. All frequencies are important. The red frequency is described as a frequency who are still sleeping, who are not aware of their divinity yet, who close their minds to spirituality and love. It will be our task to awaken the red frequency through you step by step. And once these sleeping human beings have been touched in their soul they will open themselves. And they will also find the membership of their frequency. No matter whether golden-blue, pink, turquoise, yellow, green, violet. It is a high task. But it is the time that these human beings also feel that they are more than just human.

Feel the breath of God in you. Feel how the energy of SHADEES is being transmitted to you very gently. There are many places, regions, countries, cities where the light energies are over 88 percent and an awakening has taken place. But this energy is not enough yet to release the perfect sound of Lady Gaia. And yet we have carried out all precautionary measures. For even we can not say at any time when the high point of the ascension will take place. Because the stream of SHADEES is very powerful, the Crystal SHADEES has been brought onto Earth, SOL'A'VANA, God's breath, the Holy Grail in the Ark of the Covenant has been kindled, the Earth is prepared in its general structure. And yet I ask you to give Lady Gaia a gentle birth. For then it will also be easier for you in the adaptation phase. Planet Landras with its inhabitants, they have carried out a very gentle ascension. And they are living in the adaptation phase, in the energies of the divine Reality, in the highest joy, strength and humility. On the other hand there was also a planet that carried out the ascension very fast. Even though these inhabitants are in the divine Reality they do not feel these energies so much. Thus it is of great importance for you that a gentle birth can take place. For the gentler the high point will take place the stronger and nicer will you be able to go into the adaptation phase.

Further preparations are being made. And thus the High Council has decided that you, the human beings here, who have taken such a long journey upon yourselves receive the opportunity to travel to AN'ARINA with your aspects in order to be able to look at Lady Gaia in a hologram there. In this hologram you will see how Lady Gaia is, what she feels, the effect SHADEES has, what the red frequency means and above all what the white frequency means. Afterwards you will send particularly intensive energies into pillars of light that the Arcturians have already erected for the red frequency.

For we can see by the energies that the red frequency is about to become aware that there is something else that is beyond the intellect that one perhaps can not see with the eyes, grasp with the hands. But they, too, more and more feel within that there is something else. But they do not understand it. And because of that it is so important in this present time to prepare the red frequency, to give them this love and the energies. But before Kryon invites you to go on this journey we will give Sangitar and you, too, a short break. For I am sure you have noticed that Kryon has brought very much magnetic love energy with his words that are embedding themselves in you during the sounds from the divine Reality.

Thus I say AN'ANASHA.

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

The Kryon Festival is a biannual international event which takes place in Munich, Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.