Kumarakom, dazzling on the high ranges of Western Ghats is one of the best known tourist spots in Kerala. If you wish to enjoy your holiday trip in God's own country, Kumarakom is a perfect option for your tour trip. Kumarakom is an exotic tourist place formed by the collection of tiny islands on Vembanad Lake. Beautiful landscape of Kumarakom presents an astonishing view for tourists. Today, Kumarakom is a favourite destination of nature lovers and bird watchers. Marvelous collection of mangrove forests and mind blowing natural landscape attract thousands of tourists to this place. Kumarakom tourist guide, equipped with a rich collection of sight scenes like Vembanad Lake, Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls and bird sanctuary presents a thrilling tour trip.

Vembanad Lake, an important tourist place in Kumarakom offers many interesting activities like boating and fishing. This fresh water lake is considered as the longest lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala. Luxury resorts located near Vembanad Lake with well equipped tourist guides dedicated for tourists promote Kumarakom tourism to a great extend. Vembanad Lake also beholds a rich collection of kettuvalloms assuring an alluring journey. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a favourite tourist place located on the east coast of Vembanad Lake. Months from November to February is considered as the best time for visiting Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Sanctuary equipped with a wonderful flock of migratory birds like Siberian cranes capture the eyes of tourists. Egrets, larks and herons water ducks are other species of birds found in this tourist place. Traditional Kuttanad food items, bird feeding and motor boat riding attract a large number of tourists to this scenic spot.

Backwater cruise on boats enjoying the greenery of God's own country delivers tourists an exciting tour trip. House boats, known as kettuvalloms are mini model of huge barges. Today, there are versatile houseboats available so as to enhance Kumarakom tourism. House boats are classified according to the basis of facilities available in each of them.

Luxury house boats, equipped with every modern facility resemble like a small five star hotel floating in water. Water gushing from a height of 100 feet from Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls is a marvelous tourist place coming in the list of Kumarakom tourist guide. Amazing cascade view of Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls located at 2 km distance from Kumarakom presents an eye pleasing scene for tourists. Beautiful landscape of Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls composed with a collection of streams gives feast for your eyes and ears.

Kumarakom, enriched with versatile flora make the land an outstanding site for tourism. Exotic marine lives seen in Kumarakom like pearl spotted fish and tiger prawns highlight Kumarakom tourism. Beautiful backwater lagoons, migratory birds and wavy paddy fields grab the hearts of visitors. Vivid treatments provided in ayurvedic resorts like body massaging attract tourists from all over the world and helps in enhancing Kumarakom tourism. Kumarakom tour trip ensures tourists an impressive journey through its heritage spots. Great tradition and culture with spectacular landscape makes Kumarakam one of the most widely visited tourist places.

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