"You will be able to attract amazing things into your life by changing your negative behavior into positive behavior." – Frank Mangano

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to help you improve your career, your life, and your world. However, for the Law of Attraction to work, you need to create the circumstances to generate positive results. Think of the Law of Attraction as a plant, say a tomato. You have the seed (your desire), which needs to be planted to generate fruit (manifested desire). But putting the seed just anywhere will not work; you need to plant the seed in good, fertile soil for it to have a chance to grow. The Law of Attraction is similar to growing a plant; in order for the Law to generate positive results, you must create a suitable environment.

So what makes up a suitable environment for the Law to generate positive results? It consists of several things, including your mental attitude, your readings, your self-talk, and more. All of these things work together to allow the growth promised by the Law of Attraction. One of the key elements is your behavior. Positive behaviors are a good fertilizer, if you will, for the growth provided by the Law of Attraction. Such actions provide necessary energy for the growth to occur, just as fertilizer provides the food for a plant to grow.

So what are positive behaviors? Positive behaviors are behaviors that stem from positive thoughts and emotions. For example, complimenting people rather than criticizing them. Or trying something new rather than staying with the conventional. Or smiling at someone rather than frowning at them.

How do we learn positive behaviors? Two ways. First, when dealing with others, think of them first rather than yourself. What would make them feel good? What would make their day better? How can I uplift them rather than bring them down? These questions provide good guidelines on dealing with others in a positive fashion. Dale Carnegie’s book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is full of advice on dealing with others in a positive fashion.

Second, learn from guides. Find people who have been recognized as helpers and study them. What did they say? What did they do? What did they write? Begin to integrate these concepts into your own life, one at a time. Remember to check your feelings; what makes you feel good is what you want to keep, just as what makes you feel bad is what you want to eliminate.

When it comes to dealing with yourself, one particular area for positive behavior is your self-talk. Make sure you talk to yourself with positive terms. Try to find something good that you did before you criticize your actions. Develop a positive mental attitude by reading good books and listening to inspirational material. Earl Nightingale has several suggestions along these lines.

When it comes to other actions, look for ways to allow new things to happen. Try a new approach. Read a new book. Do something you haven’t done before. Remember, every action generates a vibration, so do what you can to generate good vibrations. They will come back to you.

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John Steely is a certified life coach specializing in professional and personal development. His website Steely Services covers many topics, including Time Management and Goal Setting. John has a love for the classics of personal development which he shares by giving away free books in his Monthly Classics program.