Diseases sometimes occur in families because patterns of diseases are reinforced in conversation and expectations. People “learn” that they are supposed to get certain diseases because “all the woman” or “all the men” are supposed to get that disease. I know a 63 year old woman who died of cancer and in her final months told me that she knew as early as seven years old that she would get cancer. Why? Because all of the females in her family are told that they are going to get cancer. Her 35 year old daughter now has cancer.
Saddest of all, there are several granddaughters who are being conditioned in the same way.

We hear of 40 year old men voicing the idea that they will die by the time they are 50 because their father and grandfather did. I know a man age 43, who was deathly afraid of his approaching birthday because his father died at that age. My friend Jim died shortly after his birthday – he was a healthy, exercising, thin man.

Many people don’t realize that by accepting and believing in the inevitability of disease, they are in fact attracting it into their experience. Those people didn’t realize that they were actually making choices, choices given to them by others, but choices nevertheless.

How are these choices made? They are made consciously and subconsciously. People think they fully know what they are attracting. That really isn’t true. Their conscious mind has the ability to process 2000 bits of information per second. Think of that as 2000 signals per second. That sounds pretty impressive until you realize that the subconscious mind is capable of processing 4 billions bits or signals per second. The conscious mind, with its limited processing power, can not know what signals are being received, how they are being translated, and what affects those translated signals are having.

So much of what we perceive consciously is due to the beliefs we have arrived at consciously and subconsciously. Subconscious beliefs established from the very beginning of life, affect which signals we receive and transmit. Most diseases (95%+ or -) are caused by the signals broadcasted by our beliefs
which filter environmental signals in a particular disempowering way. Ironically, the filtering is set up to “protect” us but because of faulty reasoning (wrong time, wrong context, incomplete information, etc.) the filtering is damaging and sometimes deadly.

Effectively using the Law of Attraction holds great promise for empowering the individual to improve the quality of his or her life. However, people often think words activate the Law of Attraction and become frustrated when words don’t produce the desired results. Empty words (words without heartfelt emotions as the basis) contain very little power to influence the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction responds to vibrations that act as signals - - that is feelings broadcasted by a person from their heart- - every time.

The focus has to be correct to effectively use the Law of Attraction. Many people try to cause the Law of Attraction to deliver what they want. While they actually devote more of their emotional time and power to what they don’t want which means that they attract more of what they don’t want. Take somebody diagnosed with cancer: they are literally at the fork in the road choosing between the focus of creating health or the focus of getting rid of cancer.
Said another way, they will choose by their focus to attract health or to attract more cancer. Fighting against cancer attracts more cancer. That principle has been proven in social programs “the war on cancer”, “the war on poverty”, “the war on drugs”, “the war on terror”, you name the war and the problem is magnified. Have any of these wars been successful to date? The answer is a sad no because all of the energy focusing on these wars just brings us more of what is being focused on.

Part of the Law of Attraction that is often overlooked is the need to be open to the desired condition. Efforting, pushing, working hard without the accompaniment of vibrational alignment and harmony with what is wanted sends the clear signal of lack and simply attracts more lack or not being open to receiving what is wanted.

Cancer cells are like active gang members. They don’t understand their relationship to the whole. They lack awareness. There is a lack of belonging so these cancer cells have no regard for their ”neighboring cells.” They reproduce and ravage the area. If that body was less stressed, the normal immune system would have dealt directly with any errant cancer cells. However, under stress, the body has been signaled to de-prioritize all non-urgent functions including the immune system, digestion, cell growth and multiplication, etc. It is as if the cleanup crew and maintenance team have been suspended from their duties and responsibilities.

The Healing Codes uses a proprietary energy technique that in effect, deals with the conscious and subconscious beliefs by providing the magnificent creation we call our bodies with energy, through the finger tips to the healing centers. The body, using its inherent wisdom, applies that extra energy to the specific cells and tissues as it “sees” fit. The body knows what needs to be dealt with in order to help you most affectively.

Even with all of The Secret and Law of Attraction buzz and publicity, very few people are capable of correcting or healing the negative self talk that influences so many and keeps people from working the Law of Attraction in a way to produce what they really want in life and in their health. This negative self talk stems from wrong beliefs. The wrong beliefs reside in our hearts. The Healing Codes deal with the wrong beliefs and negative self talk to rid the body of the stress tied to them - forever. Deciding what you want, consciously and then removing the general obstacles - - the stress - - and the specific beliefs (cellular memories) that filter and signal “threat” to the cells are what The Healing Codes focus on and deals with most effectively.

Dis-ease in a body is the result of internal signaling. That signaling is controlled by conscious and subconscious beliefs. To correct the dis-ease condition the Healing Codes deals on the spiritual or energetic level. Traditional medicine in the United States of America treats the symptoms of the faulty signaling. Obviously this is where the biggest profits are. This is similar to a lawn person mowing crab grass week in and week out as the prescribed treatment for this condition. It is profitable for him but not really effective fort the owner of the lawn.

The Healing Codes shifts the belief – filters so the signaling changes from fear, anger, grief, shame, guilt, regret, blame, etc. which are all “threatening” in nature – to more realistic, positive, healthier, wiser, filtered signals. Peace, compassion, forgiveness, love and type feelings send signals to the body that instructs the cleanup crew and maintenance team to go back to work.

The Healing Codes deals with the “unseen” because we know, as Professor William Tiller says, “The unseen is always parent of the seen.” If you want to get to the core of what is causing harmful, stressful signaling to your cells and tissues that often results in disease, then you will want to look at The Healing Codes very thoroughly as an effective alternative. The Healing Codes deal with the underlying issues of the heart, which is where all of the wrong beliefs live in our body. The heart is where all of the blockages to the Law of Attraction working for you exist. The Secret to your ultimate health is to heal the issues of the heart, causing the wrong beliefs that cause you to focus on what you don’t want (and getting it) as opposed to focusing on what you do want (and getting it).

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The Healing Codes are a recent discovery and the most effective way of dealing with The Source of STRESS…the destructive signals in our bodies recorded memory system that raises havoc with our success, our health, and our overall well being.

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