According to Law of Attraction, we know everything is made of energy. Our thought is an energy too. It creates an invisible force that comes from our mind. The studies about this concept is known Mind Power.

The thought that our mind generate not only affects our own life but those around us. We affect people in our physical reality by using our thoughts. Law of Attraction clearly says everything that happen, happens because we attracted it.

Like attracts like is one of Law of Attraction rules. The phrase Like attracts Like are well known and has been mentioned in the Secret. The Secret is the best guide for those that wants to get introduced to the Law of Attraction.

The phrase Like attracts Like is hundred percent correct. It proves that Law of Attraction does work and is constantly working in our Universe. One example we can make to prove Like attracts Like is, we can see that people with certain kind of thoughts are attracted to people with the same kind of thoughts. In fact, the Law of Attraction makes them to get along together. It makes them understanding towards each other. The wisest Law of Attraction quote to reflect this was made by Anais Nin. Anains Nin said, we don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.

The Law of Attraction rule, Like attracts Like makes similar people with each other. Good people can be seen among good people. Spiritual people can be seen among spiritual. If good person enters into the bad people group, he will soon feel uncomfortable and will seek way out. Each thought has frequency. Law of Attraction only allows same frequency to attract each other. The opposite frequency will cause the opposite result.

Law of Attraction (Like attracts Like) is operating without stop and it has attracting things that we entertain most in our mind, consciously and unconsciously. Our goal is to recognize Law of Attraction and utilize for our benefit. We must understand the rules that comes with it, Like attracts Like for example. Only then we can start creating the reality that which we want to experience.

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