Lazy bowel is the term used to denote slowed digestion. This health issue is also known as sluggish bowel and slow gut. It causes straining, constipation and painful bowel movements.

It is not a diagnosable medical disorder but, many people use this term to refer to slowed
digestion. Slowed digestion causes infrequent bowel movements, and doctors call it slow transit constipation or STC.

Patients dealing with this digestive issue have very hard stools that are difficult to pass and clean. Therefore, it causes complications such as painful bowel movements and haemorrhoids.

In some cases, people develop lazy bowel syndrome after prolonged use of stimulant laxatives.

This health issue can be chronic, with symptoms that are not always seen in every case. But, it can be cured by some lifestyle changes and dietary modifications.

Keep on reading this write-up to know how this problem can be treated.

Dietary changes

Lack of fibre in the diet can slow down bowel movements causing lazy bowel syndrome. Therefore, it is recommended to consume a diet that has natural and unprocessed fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Some good sources of fibre are almond, apple, banana, fig, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Use of natural laxatives

Using artificial laxatives can worsen the symptoms of lazy bowel syndrome. So one should always use either ayurvedic treatment for constipation or natural laxatives. Both these options have no side effects and give effective results.

Although laxatives are an effective way to relieve constipation, it is always suggested to take them after the doctor's recommendation. The doctor will diagnose and identify the exact cause of constipation and recommend the best laxative for constipation treatment

Regular exercise

Doing exercise daily not only helps in maintaining digestive health but also keeps numerous other health issues at bay. Light exercise can direct the blood to circulate through the abdomen. Doing consistent exercise can impact the lazy bowel symptoms and keep the digestive system on and engaged.
Doing yoga can also help manage constipation causes and symptoms.

Bowel retraining

Bowel retraining is a behavioural treatment for providing relief from bowel disorders like STC. In some bowel training therapies, biofeedback is used to help a person retain their bowels to evacuate regularly.

There are various methods of delivering biofeedback, such as placing electrodes onto the bowel to allow the patient to hear or see the activities of their bowel muscles. In this way, a person can use the feedback to have a better understanding of their bowel movement and retrain the muscles.


An enema is a procedure in which the bowel is flushed out by injecting fluid through the rectum. It helps the person in having regular bowel movements. However, it is of utmost importance to speak with the doctor about using this treatment for the long term.

Final note

These are the best ways to get rid of lazy bowel syndrome. But, in some cases, the constipation issue keeps on reoccurring. Also, in some rare conditions this issue can cause serious health conditions, like blood in the stool, pain when passing stool, rectal pain with or without passing stool, etc.

If one deals with these symptoms then without any further delay, he or she must rush to the doctor. Ignorance can even cause deadly diseases like cancer.

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