The Le Pavillon Royal Museum is one great place to see which offer different collection of artifacts and documents, which record the history of Government House and of the executive who have managed the affairs of state since 1627. It also put on display contemporary substance of national implication. Main motive of this museum is to increase consciousness on the part of locals and visitors of the cultural and historic asset that is Government House. Those who love discovering the history must plan their holidays to St Lucia. The office of the Governor General has been associated

This museum serves as a foundation for the conservation, certification and distribution of those features of Saint Lucia's cultural and historical heritage with which the Office of the Governor General has been related. This museum is committed to provide the information enclosed in the assortment as available as possible by preserving an active school visiting program, organizing visit researchers, offering publications, contributing in outreach to the non-academic society and expansion of electronic resources of data division. If you are looking for cheap holidays to St Lucia you can visit this place. The Museum is vigorous in connections, which will cultivate this expansion, within the other museums of Saint Lucia, as well as nationally and internationally.

Professors, researchers and students fascinated in visiting the Le Pavillon Royal Museum and making use of the services both to support in its growth and to study its anthology are welcome. A computer and further data tools are obtainable to travelers who can also use small library services located in the museum. While booking holidays in St Lucia you can plan your visit to this advance Government House of Saint Lucia.

The main structure is a huge two-story complex with a towered entrance upon which sits a royal crown. A number of split but connected buildings create up the structure of what could be explained as English country arts and craft house integrating good samples of royally versions to the tropical environment. This is located on a plateau at the western end of Morne Fortune and you can easily visit this place in St. Lucia tours This house was started in 1893 and it was completed in 1895. This place is known for the unique designs and most picturesque place. Travelers must include this museum in St Lucia holiday packages. The museum is open to the public by appointment only and it is open on Tuesday and Thursday only.

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