There are a number of financial incentives provided by the federal government to encourage people to buy their own home. The most important and the most important is the one included in the Assistance for Workers, Homeowners and Commercial Assistance Act of 2009. In accordance with the provisions of this law, an amount of USD 8000 is extended as a tax credit to the First time you rate home buyers. It is a great monetary benefit for first time homebuyers, as one does not have to pay this amount until, unless the property is sold or is not used as the primary residence of the beneficiary who claimed the tax credit.

What are the necessary conditions that must be met to be eligible to take advantage of this tax credit? According to the IRS definition, a first-time homebuyer is a person who has not purchased a residence in the three years immediately preceding their purchase. Income levels for single buyers and married couples have been stipulated above which the tax credit is not available. For properties purchased between the periods from January 1, 2009 to November 5, 2009, the maximum income level for a single buyer must be less than USD 75,000 and in the case of couples who are co-owners, the income levels do not they can exceed USD 150,000. Similarly, for sales transactions executed from November 6, 2009 to April 30, 2010, the maximum income level could be USD 125,000 and USD 250,000 for single and couples buyers, respectively. You can apply for a joint credit only if one of the spouses has not bought a home in the last three years. The couple still has the option of obtaining a credit by purchasing the home as a sole buyer on behalf of the spouse who has not purchased a home in the past three years.First Time Home Buyer Florida

Some important points to keep in mind about first-time homebuyer credit include the fact that the amount of tax credit available depends on the price of the property. The available tax credit is equal to ten percent of the purchase price of the property, with USD 8000 being the maximum amount that can be claimed. The other key point to keep in mind is that not all the homes purchased would qualify for this refund. Only those houses with a maximum price of USD 800,000 would be considered to grant home buyer credit. To be included in the list of beneficiaries, you must be sure to purchase a home by April 30, 2010, sign the necessary contract documents, and complete the sale by June 30, 2010 to be eligible under this scheme.

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sign the necessary contract documents, and complete the sale by June 30, 2010 to be eligible under this scheme.