Planning a wedding has to be one of the most stressful situations to be in. The first thing you will learn from watching a professional wedding planner at work is that they insist on a couple picking their priorities. Sure, you want everything to be perfect and the best but that would only serve to leave you overwhelmed. Choose the top three priorities and add things in as you go along.

Another thing that a wedding planner will tell you is that you should allow 6 months to 1 year for planning. For many couples one year is a bit too long the details will have been ironed out and they will be ready to go. Unless you are planning a Kim Kardashian type extravaganza the planning may take even less than 6 months. Another thing is that many brides forget to include the groom in the planning process. Try to remember that it is his big day too.

This is the biggest test of all, learning to compromise. The wedding planner understands that it is going to be one of the first things you learn in marriage so they want you to begin to embrace it early. If you can’t agree to disagree while engaged, how will it work for you after the wedding. The art of compromise not only comes in handy with the groom and his family but you may have to compromise on some of the things you want for the wedding as well. What happens if the venue you had your heart set on is not available on the date you want?

The greatest thing you will learn from a professional is the art of organization and if you are planning your own wedding there are many tools available to help you become more organized. You can find a wedding planner app that has all of the tools that a professional wedding planner would use. With a wedding app you can plan on the go. These apps can connect to an online wedding website that will also keep you in contact with all of the members in the wedding party and this cuts down on things going wrong.

Wedding planning apps and wedding websites go hand in hand. They both have the organizational tools that you will need to plan a splendid wedding. They both give you access to top of the line wedding vendors and a lot of the items you want to purchase for the wedding. By using vendors that are advertising on the apps and websites you can cut some of the cost of your wedding.

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Most wedding planners have vendors that they work with often and they get huge discounts on their services. You can take advantage of discounts similar to these by using vendors that advertise on wedding planner apps or on the iWedPlanner website. Once you sign up at the wedding planner website you can download wedding app for iPhone, iPad or Android and some of these are free or cost very little.