Have you found that your life has not turned out as idyllic as you once imagined? Is it not working? Are you unhappy, feeling sad, depressed, unloved, unfulfilled, angry or all alone? Moreover, do you think you are the only one who feels life is not working?

The media gives overwhelming evidence of the degree of unrest in the world today. As each individual is a reflection of its society, it is safe to say that you are not the only one who is feeling out of sorts. Therefore, if things are not working for you, they probably are not working for most others either.

Could it be that this has not been a recent development? Although we may initially perceive any discontent as new, has not turmoil occurred throughout history, remaining a constant? Do you suppose these facts support the premise that something may not be working? What could be the source of all this instability? Furthermore, why has the disorder continued despite reaching out and adhering to current religious belief?

How many of us are so busy that we will take any shortcut in order for us to accomplish more in less time? Since the beginning of time, humanity has been devising tools to make life easier. These inventions range from a simple wheel to something much more complex, such as a computer.

There is one interesting fact: as time marches on, human creation moves faster and faster. For comparison purposes, humanity has created more things since the beginning of the 19th century than the sum total of inventions before that time. This startling data proves that we have become busier, despite all notions to the contrary.

As the latest technological advance becomes available, we learn to rely on that invention to make our life easier. In effect, could you say that our society has become lazy? Might it be that we have also adopted this same habit when it comes to understanding our own spirituality? Could we be relying on others for our understanding, instead of discovering the truth for ourselves by validating the information in a scientific fashion?

What is your current understanding of spirituality? How many of you think that God is a vengeful being who will punish you if you do not live according to certain rules? Where did you get this idea? Did you make this determination on your own? On the other hand, perhaps, it manifested from the religious instruction you received from another based upon their interpretation of spirituality or the Bible.

Do you think that depending on another for your knowledge is, in fact: allowing you to become inferior to them? What is the definition of inferior? Webster's dictionary provides the following definitions: lower in rank, order, place, or excellence; of less value; and poorer in quality. Do these attributes describe an act of slavery and judgment?

What is the solution? According to a spiritual teacher who assisted me in my own healing named Charles Crooks, the key lies in adopting a more beneficial approach in the form of observation and validation. Instead of relying on others for the answers, it is beneficial to base your truth upon something you have proven for yourself, using a more scientific approach for discerning the truth. When you observe all presented to you without bias, and then test that information for yourself, you assure the truth.

When undergoing a scientific experiment, you observe with a complete, whole model as your measure. You accept all the parts. Therefore, everything, including you and God, are part of the whole, and nothing is separate. Everything is equal. Through observation, you permit yourself to see that all things, including the light of God, are part of you. As Shaman Crooks teaches, in this scientific way, "You can find the whole of all things that are within every one of us."

A vengeful, judgmental God is possible if you consider yourself separate from Him. However, reflecting on a statement by Charles Crooks, "We are all part of the whole, and not separate," invalidates that premise.

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