There is wisdom that exists within you that is available to you for shifting your perspective on the problems of your life. There are ways to tap this wisdom that are simple and accessible, and you can get in touch with a higher understanding. You may have a question you want to ask, or you may just want to listen and experience the guidance and wisdom that come forth. You may ask for wisdom about a current relationship, a career decision, a financial issue, a challenge in the life of someone else, or a difficulty in the world. Your Wise Mind may assist you in making a decision, or it may soothe or even remove a difficulty and help you to understand it more fully.

Here are seven tips for finding answers inside yourself:

Get Relaxed

1. Sit down with a pen and paper or keyboard, or even a microphone, and allow yourself to become relaxed. You can pay attention to your breathing or count down from ten to one slowly. As you're relaxing, you may want to tell yourself, "I'm now becoming a vehicle for my inner wisdom to come through me. I open to receive information and wisdom. I am a channel for the great Wise Mind."

Begin to Channel

2. As you relax, you may be able to experience a type of open-eyed trance and write some wisdom and guidance onto a piece of paper or into a computer. Let it just come through your arms, into your hands, out your pen or keyboard, and onto the page or screen. Become a vehicle for this writing. Just as a dancer can dance without thought, a musician can play without thought, you can write without thought. Just let it come through. Again, you may want to pose a question, or you may just wish to listen to wisdom. If you receive nothing but relaxation, consider that a very peaceful state to receive. Feel free to invent your experience or even to make up the wisdom more actively, as this too comes from the universal realm.

Listen to the Messages

3. Listen to the messages. Sometimes they will be short and general, such as, "You're going in the right direction. You're finding what you're looking for. Be strong, have patience and fortitude, and the seeds you have planted will flower." Some messages will be more detailed, telling you specifically what's happening in your relationships, your finances, or your work life, and then you may receive messages about how to improve and transform your situation.

Find a Trigger Word

4. See if there is a trigger word for stimulating the flow that you can use in future trance writing. It may be that you write "My Dear One" at the top of the page. Or you can write a greeting, like, "Hello." Trust that your guidance, whether visual or aural or written--or in any other form--is the voice of your Wise Mind. The voice of the Wise Mind will always be uplifting and from the realms of light. Your Wise Mind might become a guide or an angel, or it might just remain the clear voice of wisdom. You may want to write a question or an issue at the top of your message, or you may simply begin writing and let your Wise Mind speak to you.

Open the Flow of Words

5. If nothing comes forth from your Wise Mind, open up the flow of words by writing anything, even if at first it seems like nonsense or gibberish. Reaffirm that you're bringing forth a message from your Wise Mind, and you may find that before long something of value ultimately comes through you.

Experience the Wisdom

6. As you write or speak into a microphone, stay as relaxed as possible, and let the words flow as easily as possible. You may be amazed at the quality of the wisdom and information that comes from your Wise Mind. It may tell you something very specific, such as, "You're going to leave your job next month and move to Nevada." Or it may be very general, like, "You're on the right path. Keep up the good work." Or you may hear words of truth: "You are the love of the universe." You might get an image instead of words. Trust that you have access to the great Wise Mind, and allow its message to come through you at any opportunity.

Bring Yourself Back

7. When you've finished bringing forth the message, see if there is anything else that your Wise Mind wishes to channel through you, and if not, bring yourself back by counting up from one to five, making your inner voice louder as you reach five. Suggest to yourself that you will emerge from relaxation feeling energized and inspired.

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