How many people believe they have limits? On a physical level, perhaps that has been the case. However, are you really limited from achieving anything, despite what you may currently believe?

Why do you believe you are limited?

Why are most children so joyous? Could it be that they do not see danger and live without limits? What changed? Do you remember, as a child, your parent stopping you from touching fire or putting your finger in an electrical socket? They did not want you to burn or shock yourself. Am I right? As you grew, encountering things that others perceived as harmful, this pattern repeated itself. Although this training was necessary at the time, it also had a residual effect. Over time, you learned that, without some form of limit, you might cause yourself harm.

Looking at this pattern from another standpoint, can you concede that by listening to what others tell you that you are putting yourself in an inferior position to them? Believing you are either inferior or superior to another is a state of judgment. Therefore, although not anyone's fault, you began living in a state of judgment. In addition, since judgment causes one to feel separate and not equal, it will give you the illusion that you are incomplete, further exacerbating the feeling of restrictions.

What is the solution?

Consider that you are equal. How can you achieve such a concept? Contemplate performing a scientific experiment. When undergoing such a test, you observe with a complete, whole model as your measure. You accept all the parts. Therefore, everything is part of the whole, and nothing is separate. Everything is equal. Only when everything is part of the whole, do you have access to everything. You are complete.

Think about the statement, "The spirit of God is everywhere." Does this not mean that He is whole and encompasses everything, without limit, including you and me? If the spirit is inside of us, then we also are whole, without any restrictions. Therefore, under these circumstances, you will not have limits, as everything is endless and abundant. When you allow yourself this realization of equality, you can erase limiting patterns.

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