Hi there, I wanted to pull on your coat about a pet bug I have about modern life.

Have you ever stopped to think about how our finite resources are consumed by our every growing population? I know it sounds a little negative and a tad depressing but bear with me.

Every documentary I watch about industry and how resources are used and how many millions KW hours of electrical power we use to produce the goods we take forgranted. Even after taking into account all the recycling we do, it all seems like a massive pressure is levied on our planet to keep providing for us.

What's the answer:

I can't talk about global population without having to write a book, so let's take this subject off the table.

If we are going to live and increase global population without further damaging our environment we are going to have to make changes that affect most aspects of our lives. From using less electricity in our homes to walking to the local store if possible to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Ok, so this is all easier said than done, right? And I'm totally aware that busy lives don't often help us in our quest to make changes that could potentially create short-term difficulties. But there must be something that can be done to start the process?

I have an Idea:

What if you could do something that didn't use much factory power to produce, and was built from renewable resources while still working and looked great?

This is a small step but it's just an example of how things can be changed for the best without compromising our lifestyle.

TheGarwood Designer Wood Watch is a product produced in Los Angeles, California, from fully renewable resources that have been sourced from as far away as The Congo.

Take a quick look at the Garwood Great Dane:

Like all TheGarwood designs, it's crafted from a solid block of wood giving it the unique Garwood look. Rather than creating a watch that is 'wood trimmed' while keeping the standard metal case and strap, TheGarwood is wood through and through.

This model, The Great Dane is 100% Natural American Maple Wood. Like all the Garwood models, its heart is the tried and tested Battery powered Quartz Miyota movement making it reliable and accurate.

As you can see, it is easily a great talking point, and I know from experience. It's unusual enough to draw people's eyes to your wrist and they want to know more about it.

It's a win win situation in my view. Look at what you have going for you. You're generating personal interest and interacting with new people every day and you're taking a small step to protecting our world.

All this while losing nothing, but gaining everything.

One small step for a person, but a giant leap for humankind. A bit dramatic but you get my drift.

So, what do you think? Is this a good start or is it a damp squib?

Author's Bio: 

Carl is a blogger with a long career in technology and understands the need to pursue a greener lifestyle to protect our environment.

All things start with a first step, like reducing waste and utilizing renewable resources in our everyday lives.

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