Do you agree that the spirit of God is everywhere, and includes all? If this is so, you cannot hide from it, no matter what. In addition, if the spirit includes everything, then it would have to encompass both light and dark. Furthermore, since you are part of everything, in other words, the whole, both light and dark must lie within you.

What are the attributes of light? Charles Crooks, a shaman and healer/teacher asserts that love, understanding, compassion, honor, honesty, and humility are the constructive attributes of light.

The attributes of darkness are simply the opposite of the good ones: hate, insensitivity, cruelty, dishonor, dishonesty, and arrogance.

You have a choice. You can choose to advance the constructive attributes of light, allowing each of you to bring forth the good in every human being. On the other hand, you can choose to support the destructive traits of darkness. It is your right. All you have to do is bring forward whichever attributes you want to promote since both lie within. Which attributes do you want to encourage?

What is judgment, a light or dark attribute? When you judge, you are placing yourself either above or below. That is, in either a superior or inferior position.

Since you are part of the whole, all parts are connected and equal. Therefore, when you judge you are considering yourself separate from the whole. You are limiting your natural characteristics by not placing yourself in a neutral position. Because judgment causes one to feel separate and not equal, it will give the illusion that something is lacking. A person seeks acceptance from others to replace what he perceives is missing. He tries to gain acceptance by either exercising power or by placing himself in a weaker position than others.

For an individual to know anything about a divine being, he generally has always relied on getting the information from someone else directly. Your parents, teachers, friends, structured religious systems, and your individual experiences all teach you patterns and behaviors that can be harmful. It does not matter. The point is that when this happens, you become dependent on that source. Before long, you are preconditioned to use judgment.

When you base your truth about yourself upon what others tell you, you allow yourself to become inferior to it. However, inferiority is an act of slavery and judgment. Therefore, judgment is a state of domination, either over others or by others, which shows that, as Charles says, "Judgment is not a spiritual process, but rather a process of slavery that turns one away from the light within and towards the darker path."

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