If you’ve been chat line dating for a while now, and not getting any real dates, you may be asking yourself what you are doing wrong. Maybe it’s nothing at all and your time simply has not come, but there’s also a chance that you can improve upon how you are using a chat line to find a partner. None of us are perfect, and sometimes overbearing aspects of our personalities can get in the way of what we actually want! When focusing so much on what to do while using a chat line (such as flirting, complimenting, etc.), it can be very easy to forget what not to do.

We’ve studied chat line conversations from phone chat brands like QuestChat and LiveTalk and have even tried some methods of our own to come up with things to watch out for. Check out our list of what not to do while using a chat line to date. If you notice that you are guilty of one or more of the things on this list, you’ll have something to work on and your dating life will almost absolutely improve for the better!

Don’t Babble

While talking on the phone to your chat line partner, be wary of telling a very long story. Rambling on and on, or babbling about something excessively, can cause your dating partner to tune out, glaze over, and perhaps not even listen at all. Remember that you are on a phone. When people are on the phone, they sometimes multi-task. You want to do what you can to keep your phone dating partner’s attention. Long stories, especially personal ones that wouldn’t involve the dating partner in any way, are too easy to get bored of and should be avoided.

Don’t Mumble

If you are a mumbler who is using a chat line to date, you’re going to want to get your mumbling in check immediately. All you have at your disposal while using a chat line is your voice and your personality. If your dating partner can’t understand what you are saying, he/she is not going to stay for the long haul! More than that, mumbling lends itself to the notion that you are a somber, unexciting person. Now, you might be the most exciting person out there! But, if you are mumbling, there is no way for your dating partner to know that at all! So, make sure to enunciate and speak with enthusiasm.

Don’t be Selfish

Using a chat line to date means that conversation is your main avenue. You must remember that a conversation is not a monologue. In this case, it’s a dialogue between you and your partner. If you feel that you are the only one that is talking, take pause. It might not totally be your fault (your dating partner might be very shy); however, it is your responsibility to ask your dating partner questions and express interest in getting to know him/her as well!

Don’t Interrupt

This is one of the worst things that you can do on a chat line. Almost everyone using a chat line to date is trying to chat. A chat is an easy, breezy conversation. If it is going well, you won’t have an opportunity to interrupt your chat line dating partner. It will be a healthy dialog back and forth. However, if you find yourself constantly interrupting, you’ll want to consider a few possible reasons as to why. First, you and your dating partner might not be right for each other. If the conversation feels like war, it’s not going to serve you. Or perhaps, you don’t realize that you are dominating the conversations you have on chat lines by constantly interrupting. The last thing you want to do to a dating partner is make him/her feel exhausted before he/she even gets a chance to meet you in person. Don’t make your partner feel week, small, or trapped on the phone. Make sure that everyone has their very own space to speak their minds!

Don’t be Short

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing ways to not take over a conversation; however, it’s equally important to not be curt or short with your dating partner. If he/she asks you a question, answer it fully without babbling. It’s not as tricky as it may sound. If your dating partner is asking you a question, it’s because he/she is trying to propel the conversation forward, He/she wants a real answer because he/she wants to get to know you. Don’t take a yes/no question at face value. For example, if your dating partner asks if you like going home for the holidays, don’t give him/her a simple yes or no. Go into appropriate detail. Use that detail to push conversation forward and expand upon the conversation!

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