If you want to grow as a person, professionally or personally, you must overcome some barriers to growth. One barrier to growth I have seen hold people back, time and time again, is an unwillingness to take decisive action.

The Solution? You must be willing to take decisive action! Take quick and powerful action if you want to see growth. If you want to see growth, you must begin moving.

If what you are currently doing or trying is not working, what should you do? If you said, ”I should do something else” and I would say “that is not right.” I say that when what you are doing is not working, do ANYTHING else. Simply start moving in a different direction and as you are moving and taking action, your natural intelligence will take over and guide you in the right direction.

Action Plan - Little Victories

I want to give you one specific action plan that can have an immediate, powerful, and positive result in your life. It is what I call my little victories list.

How would you like to begin every single day undefeated? It is not hard to do and it is totally controllable.

1. Create a list of somewhere between 10 and 15 specific and controllable action that you can do on a daily and give yourself credit for.

They need to be very, very small things and they need to be things you do in the begining of your day.


- Making your bed
- Not hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off
- Taking 10 minutes and reading something positive
- Saying positive phrases like I fell happy, healthy, and terrific while you are in the shower
- Preparing some food for your lunch
- Doing a bit of paper work
- Reviewing your goals for the day

These are all actions you can take that are controllable. It is merely a decision that you make. These are all physical actions and must be actions you take, not thoughts you think. Here is why:

It is much easier to ACT your way into proper thinking, than it is to THINK your way into way proper acting. Your actions control your thoughts even more directly than your thoughts control your actions.

2. When you execute one action on your list of 10 to 15 totally controllable things, I want you to give yourself a little credit for it.

Even if it is something that is just as goofy as saying one positive phrase while you are looking yourself in the mirror. Give yourself a little credit and go, “You know what, nice job, nice job man.” That is another little victory and all of these add up.

When you have 10 of these ‘little victories’ and you execute all of them, by the time you get to work, you are undefeated. You literally are 10 and 0 for the day already! Think about what that does for your confidence and think about what your confidence, when it increases, will do for your results for the rest of the day.

Start being undefeated at the beginning of your day. It is an awesome feeling and I can not wait to hear your success stories.

Be Free!

Roger Seip

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