Yup, that was not a typo or misspelling.

Some of you are probably thinking, why does a beautiful woman, entrepeneur and mom of six think of herself as a Rhino?

This is an analogy I heard a few yrs back and it Opened my Eyes and made me more Self-Aware, I hope it affects YOU the same way!

The human race can best be desribed as a huge herd of Cows! We live in a huge pasture with many many other cows, doing the same thing day in, day out! We roam together, huddle together, and yes, even eat together. Life is pretty much the same day after day.

Now, a Rhino, amazing animal that it is, can actually live quite peacefully amongst a herd of cows! This strong, powerful animal can be quite tame, and live its life contently as a cow!

The thing is this, a Rhino can be awakened up one day to its true "inner self", perhaps looking in a refreshing pool of water and "See" that its different!

A Rhino can then see, its stronger than a cow, it has a powerful horn on its head, and best of all....."The Grass Really does look GREENER on the other side of the Fence!"

So using muscles he never knew he had, and a horn for butting and crashing the most strongest of fences, the New and Enlightened Rhino surges through into the next pasture!

Excitement, strength, and the knowledge of the best food, untrodden fields and new things to explore is all opened up to the Enlightened Rhino!

As the Rhino looks back into the pasture full of cows, he notices something amazing! Just like himself, he can "SEE" other Rhino's acting like cows, with no idea that they too are an Amazing Powerful Rhino!

So, with a newfound knowledge of the best of life, the Enlightened Rhino goes back into the Cow pasture and gently nudges other Rhino's.

Unfortunately, some are so steeped in living the life of a cow, that no matter what the Enlightened Rhino does or says they do not want to leave the security and path that they think they are on.

Others get a bit of a sparkle in their eyes, and for a glimpse, may realize they have a Rhino, but that glimpse was not enough.

Then the blessed day comes when the Enlightened Rhino rubs against another Rhino who has been unsatisfied with his life as a Cow!

He listens intently to the Enlightened Rhino and realizes that deep within, he too, had never fit in with the path of the Cows!

So, after much searching the Enlighted Rhino found another Rhino just like himself! Celebration was in order!

After that, the Enlightened Rhino loved living his life full of the greenest pastures, the freshest water and living with a Power and Strength within him greater than anything he had ever known!

He did, of course, go back into the pastures of the Cows and found a great purpose in his long and abundant life by "Awakening other Rhino's", but even better than that, he had his biggest realization:

"Once you know in your heart that you are an Enlightened Rhino, you can NEVER step back into the life of a mundane Cow!"

Author's Bio: 

Mom of 6, owner of Radio co-host and Envision Circle leader!
Jody loves helping other moms/mompreneurs find their "inner selves" & move forward in business and their personal lives!