The advancements in web have changed the lifestyle of people drastically. Previously, traditional web was changed to web 2.0. And now, there is going to be web 3.0. Web 3.0, an extension of web 2.0, is supposed to be third generation web from 2010 to 2020. In web 2.0, searching Google with myriad of unrelated hits was a significant move. In web 3.0, the focus would be on providing context to search for online information. Thus, it is must for web solutions companies to come up with advanced technologies to provide better software and assistance to their customers.

Web 2.0 is about mass collaboration and social networking while web 3.0 is based on intelligent web applications that use machine-based learning and reasoning, natural language processing and intelligent applications. It is to eye at tailored online search and focus on user’s preference and needs. It is more about openness. It opens possibility for creating new tools by opening data formats, application programming interfaces and open-source software platform. In order to avoid identity theft, web 3.0 attempts to Open ID, open reputation and Open identity.

By opening an access to information, Web 3.0 applications come along with a facility of interoperability and thus, can run on any internet enabled devices, computer or mobile phone. Web applications run very fast. This application allows users to move freely from program to program, data base to database. Web 3.0 has given birth to a global database, one large database. It uses structured data records published in reusable and in remote-queriable formats, further assisted by XML technologies.

Web 3.0 can be said as 3D web, as it uses a three-dimensional model. Few of the common features of it would be second life and the use of personalized avatars. It would not only be limited to physical. It will beyond that. Imagine net will be connected not only to your computer or mobile phone, but also to your microwave or car, thus making it an integrated world.

Web 2.0 is all about information overload, whereas web 3.0 is about control of information. This new and advance technology would be much helpful to people in bring information to order and helping user to seek the require information more accurately. Web 3.0 and semantic web are conceptual entities. They are just like successive layers, developing over each other.

Web 2.0 together with Semantic web is almost equivalent to web 3.0. Semantic web gets support from technologies, which enrich content and social web intelligence. It should pull users and identities and must be combined for web 3.0 to work thus giving a new touch to these web applications. Social elements combined with user specific tools will be much more helpful to people in saving lots of time and money.

Many companies have started working on user’s interest and help them in organizing and sharing relevant information, like web 3.0. A custom software development company focuses on specific needs and engenders a tool to fulfil user’s requirement. These companies help a lot in designing web solutions that can be helpful in different ways.

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Shriv Commedia is Custom Software Development Company in Indian market, providing web solutions to different customers. The company takes care of new technologies such that Software Development Companies In India designed are not considered obsolete and could be helpful in longer runs.