Have you been dealing with low energy? You may have noticed the strong power being output in the universe and therefore, perhaps it is taking a toll on you. None of us is exempt from the energy in the universe. Each human is made of not only a physical body, but also a spiritual soul that emits an oftentimes, unnoticed energy. That energy is the life force of the Creator. Looking above to the stars and planets many times reminds you of the energy you have within your body.

Life is made of energy. It is invisible to the naked eye, yet it still exists. Everything in the cosmos has a certain wavelength, vibration, power or harmonic associated with it. Scientists have proven many forces exist, despite hidden from sight of the physical senses. Planets, stars and numbers give off a certain amount of energy. As evidence of this, just look at the effect the moon has on the earth's ocean tides. Astrology and numerology are spiritual modalities that reflect the charge of the universe.

Although I am not an astrologer, I do know something about numerology and the effect of energy on us. I am also aware of a number of changes that have been occurring lately in the heavens. Namely, some very rare planetary alignments have been happening. If you look up on a clear night, you too can begin to feel the power of the stars and planets.

If you read your personal astrology horoscope or numerology calculation, you may notice these 'heavy' universal influences taking place. Despite your own personal energy, the universal influences will have an effect on you. Why is this? It is because each of us is part of the whole of God and the universe—we are not separate.

The universe represents the macrocosm—a complex form, considered as a single body containing numerous similar smaller-scale entities. Each person, or soul, is a microcosm of that larger macrocosm. Looking at it from a spiritual sense, each of you is part of God, as He exists everywhere, including inside of you. Your soul is the spirit of God that is a shining light within you. Therefore, those universal influences, if strong, can be analogous to swimming in a pool of caramel, instead of swimming in a much lighter mass, such as water. Moreover, even though it may be harder to swim through such thickness, it still can be done. The key is to keep swimming until you get to the end of the pool. Sure, you could let the caramel weigh you down. However, reaching the end after fighting so hard to cut through the sticky mess can far outweigh any hardship you may have endured.

Have you ever really looked up into the night sky and stared at the stars? They can bring incredible peace, despite their strong influence. Although I live in the city and there is quite a bit of light pollution, every night I gaze up into the dark sky and awe at the extraordinary light show available. I challenge each of you to do the same.

I have noticed one bright sphere in the sky for months now. I have since discovered that orb is the planet Jupiter. It is bigger than any object I have ever seen. I have often wondered how its vibration was affecting me. Perhaps this planet is transmitting the heaviness so many people have described to me of late.

I have heard scholars talk about the stars observed in antiquity. Many believe that the ancients described in the early books of the Bible often witnessed a very different night sky than what most people see today. It has been said that the stars actually 'sang' and the array of colors were even more vibrant than they are today. To me, singing indicates a 'happy, lighthearted' vibration. Therefore, despite a possible perceived 'heaviness' of the planetary and celestial influences, our ancestors chose to see the constructive aspects of the stars and planets.

If you look deeper, you can observe that the stars and planets above do indeed emanate different colors, and are comprised of varying shapes and sizes. It is hard to see in the city, but if you go somewhere outside the city limits, you can witness millions of stars and planets on a clear night sky. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine what the ancients may have detected.

Many years ago, I used to go scuba diving. Our group not only dove during the day, but also during the night. It was on these night dives where I noticed some of the most spectacular views of the night sky, unobstructed by the lights of civilization.

I remember one particular trip where we were diving in the Caribbean. The water was so clear that you could see unhindered through the water for almost 100 feet. One night, as my buddy and I were ascending to the surface, the scene above mesmerized me. We were miles out in the middle of the ocean, far away from any civilization. Furthermore, there was no full moon that night. Since there was no light pollution, I could literally see millions of bright, colorful stars shining from the heavens through the water as we arose. It was an awesome sight. Instead of making me feel small and insignificant, the opposite was true. I felt very connected to the universe and filled with the light from above.

Despite any universal influence that may be occurring right now, each of you has a choice. You can go with the flow and look at the awesome influence being exerted on each of us—an opportunity for growth. The one great thing about the night sky is that it is constantly changing. Therefore, anything you may be feeling is only temporary. Why not try looking to the stars and planets above. It may remind you of the awesome energy you have available within your own body. Look at the light in the sky—allow it to bring to your consciousness the light that is within each of you!

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