What’s the future hold?

Industries that are doing well or expanding, such as healthcare, green/alternative energy and certain tech sectors, will continue to hire mid and senior level executives, according to executive recruitment firm CT Partners.

Finance and pharmaceuticals are also looking up, however, at large corporations generally the outlook is underwhelming. Ed Savage, Managing Director for the L.A. division of Stanton Chase, a top rated executive search firm, has this to say, “We are less sanguine about substantive growth in the Fortune 500, which will probably be flat in the first six months of 2010.”

So what does this mean for an executive or manager looking to change jobs?

1. Work in a growth industry?
If you work in one of the growth industries, great! Now be ready to build on your success. Become a thought leader by sharing your knowledge as an authority. If you are considered an expert in your industry, you will be more hotly recruited and more handsomely compensated.

2. Work in a declining industry?

It’s time to start planning a change.

Either stay where you are but look at acquiring more skills, such as taking Six Sigma quality classes, or becoming proficient at social networking web techniques and how to use them.

Or, alternatively, look at moving into a growth industry. Target those companies and begin to network with the people who work for them. Look at taking classes part-time to increase your qualification in those industries, or consider going back to school full time. And think about other ways to gain relevant experience such as volunteering.

3. Work in an industry that is set to come out of decline?
If you work in an industry like finance or commercial real estate, which suffered during the recession but should start to re-emerge in 2010/2011, think about what skills companies in those industries will need. Managers and executives will have to rebuild working groups, motivate teams and look for new ways of doing business. This won’t be the time to go back to old ways.

4. Want to know more about executive jobs in 2010?
Check out: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/2010-executive-hot-jobs-stcep-by...

The good news is that if you have the right skills, and can apply those skills in the right industries, 2010 could be a growth year for jobs.

Author's Bio: 

David Couper is a career coach and writer who for the last twenty years has worked in Europe, Asia, and the USA with individuals. 100% of his clients have found either a new job or career which is fulfilling for both their heart and mind.

He has successfully coached men and women wanting to change career or develop new opportunities at all levels - including CEOs of major companies wanting a creative challenge, frustrated souls longing to make their dream come true and front-line employees laid off and desperate to get a job.

David has a degree in Communication, a postgraduate qualification in education, is certified in a number of training technologies, and has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. He is a member of the American Society of Training and Development, Society of Human Resources Professional, Writers Guild and the British Academy of Film and Television.

David has published seven books. His works on interpersonal skills, counseling in the workplace, and management issues (published by Connaught, Gower, HRD Press, Longman, Macmillan/Pearson Publishing, Oxford University Press) have been translated into Swedish, Polish, and Danish, and published in the UK and the USA. www.davidcoupercoach.com

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